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[Beyond PlayStation] Sally’s Law Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Sally’s Law Review

Sally’s Law is a colorfully cute co-op platformer/puzzle game on Nintendo Switch you should definitely play. Find out why in our Sally’s Law review!


In this game you will explore the relationship between father and daughter as you take on the platforming/puzzles the game will provide. You need to pay attention to what is going on in the top and the bottom parts of the screen so that you can finish each stage. The game is fully voiced in Japanese which might, for some reason, not make some gamers out there particularly happy, but it’s understandable since the game is from a small indie and adding a voiceover in English would be very expensive.

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The story of Sally’s Law revolves around Sally and her dad. You discover Sally’s mother has died and that her death has affected the father/daughter relationship. Sally moves to the city, but later on her father becomes ill, and this is how their adventure begins. The game is a co-op release, but you can also play it on your own controlling both characters. Each of the two has a different set of skills that complement each other, making for a very entertaining 2D platformer. The checkpoints are very generous for the short levels you’ll be playing, so there’s definitely no frustration when playing this one.

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The game is beautiful but short. I would have loved it if the game was longer, since once I had finished the game it was hard to let go. The gameplay mechanics are solid, the art style is gorgeous, and the game has an engaging story that you’re going to love. Sally’s Law has so much potential it is a shame it’s so short, but it is a very rewarding experience. I had a blast playing Sally’s Law, and I highly recommend that you download it today.

This Sally’s Law review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Polaris-X.


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Beautiful, colorful, charming and fun puzzle/platformer