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[PlayStation 4] InkSplosion Review

[PlayStation 4] InkSplosion Review

InkSplosion from Petite Games and Ratalaika Games is a colorful twin-stick shooter that is a blast to play on PlayStation 4. Find out why in our InkSplosion review!


InkSplosion is a simple and to the point twin-stick shooter. There is no story, but there are a few modes to play through once you have reached certain score milestones on classic mode. It’s a fun game that might feel a bit repetitive for you. Your fingers will get sore after a little while since it’s very fast-paced, but if you have the skill, then tcan could be a very quick Platinum to add to your collection. What’s more, there are multiple trophy lists that you can stack so you could end up with a nice bunch of Platinums thanks to cross-buy sweetening the deal.

In classic mode gameplay is on a single screen with four enemies, your goal is to clear them out your fire all sorts of colours at your enemies which also splatter on to the playing field, it looks pretty cool actually, but when you have cleared out the enemies you move on to the next level, each level you are given a random weapon automatically, sometimes you will get a weak one with a low fire rate, other times you may get a decent weapon that will fire multiple bullets in quick succession. each time you pass a level the weapon changes, but not the mechanics. to be able to play the next mode which is arena mode you need to reach 10,000 points.


Arena mode is exactly like classic mode, except it has more enemies, ramping up the challenge slightly, and the same goes for Hard Mode, there isn’t much to the game, It is highly accessible anybody of any age can play the game, those unskilled shooters will require practice, but the platinum is very easy you will get at least half the trophies in around 20 minutes. The game is so easy to pick up and play it only takes a couple of minutes to learn the gameplay mechanics.

The only weapon in the game I absolutely hated was the rocket launcher since it had a big delay in firing which is horrible as you have to wait as a sitting duck with no other way of attacking your enemies. It would be cool to have each weapon unlocked at the start of a level for selecting the one you need the most for what you’ll be facing up against, but it’s not something that will end up being too much of an issue as you go.

InkSplosion Review - 4

I am surprised there are no global leaderboards since this is a score-based game, and it would be great to be able compare your scores with other players around the world and see how good or rubbish you really are. This could also add some extra replayability to the game as you try and beat the scores of your friends, or if you are feeling really competitive to try and aim for the number 1 spot.

InkSplosion is available on PSN around the world now, and for less than four dollars you will get cross-buy and multiple Platinums to show off after playing this fun arcade-style release from start to finish.

This InkSplosion review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.


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Fun arcade-style release