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[PlayStation 4] Monster Slayers Review

[PlayStation 4] Monster Slayers Review

Monster Slayers from Nerdook Productions and Digerati is a very fun and addictive deck building RPG roguelike on PS4 you should check out. Find out why in our Monster Slayers review!


Monster Slayers is a card-based deck building release with some roguelike thrown in for good measure, giving us a game that is very addictive and a bit luck-based since getting this or that card during a run will greatly increase your odds of survival. Once you boot up for the first time you will get to select your hero from the available classes. You’ll be able to customize how your hero looks, but I suggest you don’t spend too much time doing this since your hero will certainly die soon after you take on your first run. There is a nice variety of classes to choose from, with Dragons, Merchants, Monks, Knights and more.

Monster Slayers Review - 6

Each time you die you’ll get to decide if you do a new run with the same character class, or if you dive into a new journey with a new class. When you die you will get to keep the weapons, armor and accessories you collected, and they will be added to your pool of items to be used with new characters. Your new character will start at Level 1, but at least every run you do will allow you to unlock some permanent upgrades for each character class – and some that will apply to all of them – so that subsequent runs are easier and take less time.

Gameplay might feel a bit barebones to some of you, since all you do is click on the cards on your hand to use them during your turn, to then explore a new room in the dungeon you’re taking on, hopefully finding valuable treasure, a healer to completely recover all of your hit points, a captain to upgrade one of your cards or to add some extra Action Points (AP) to your character’s stats, and more. The game’s gameplay mechanics might be simple, but this is not an easy, nor a small game. You can easily spend 20+ hours with this one and barely scratch the surface with all the available classes and the extra classes you unlock later in the game.

Monster Slayers Review - 6

As I mentioned before, combat is turn-based, and you have a set number of cards on your hand that could be attack cards, stat boosting cards, skills, items and more. You can use all of your cards in your turn, as long as you have enough AP and Magic Points (MP) for it, or you could save some for your next turn as you plan your actions. As you level up you will increase your Hit Points (HP) and other stats, as well as increase your hand size so that you can have more cards available as you take on stronger and more versatile enemies.

Monster Slayers is a fun game and highly addictive game with a Platinum trophy that will take you a ton of time to unlock since it asks that you complete the game with every single character class, which pretty much means you need to unlock all permanent upgrades to be able to stand a chance. The random luck element of this one is high since depending on the cards you get from chests and when leveling up you will have an easier or harder time beating each dungeon and making short work of the bosses in your path.

This Monster Slayers review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Digerati.


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Fun and addictive card-based deck building roguelike