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[Beyond PlayStation] Word Search by POWGI Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Word Search by POWGI Review

If you’re a fan of puzzles in which you search for words by yourself or with friends, then you should definitely check out a new one on Nintendo Switch. Come check out our Word Search by POWGI review!


You’ve probably seen puzzles like this one in, say, a newspaper or a magazine (be that a physical or a digital version). Lightwood Games has now released Word Search by POWGI with over 300 puzzles you can solve on your own or with up to four people playing at once. The game is easy to understand since you have to search for words from a list in a big square full of letters that, at first, don’t seem to make much sense.

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Playing on your own is a bit relaxing since you can do it at your own pace, but once you bring in another player (or two or three) into the mix, then the word search turns into a frantic experience in which everyone rushes to find as many words as possible to be the winner. The multiplayer element definitely changes how you would usually approach a word search puzzle, and every player will be using a different color to highlight the words they’ve found so that you can keep track of how everyone is doing – as well as to still allow you to find other words during the mayhem!

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For those of you who have never ever come across a word search puzzle before, you have a grid of varying sizes that is packed with letters, and within said letters are hidden words that you have to search for. There is a list of words on one side of the screen, and those are the words you need to aim to unveil. You can find words diagonally, vertically and spelt forwards and backwards, and that means you might find some words that are upside-down! That’s all you need to know as you take on the more than 300 puzzles included in the game, which will certainly keep you busy for several hours! If you’re the type of person who usually takes on one puzzle before going to bed, then you have almost a full year of puzzles in this one!


The words in the puzzles are set from a wide range of themes, from sports to animals, space, hobbies and more. There’s definitely at least one category in here for everyone. Kids will learn new words, and adults will get a kick out of the wide variety of words they can search for in the many available themes. This is a game that everyone from 6 to 100 will be able to enjoy.

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Word Search by POWGI on Nintendo Switch is a fun puzzle gme that will keep you entertained by a long time. You can definitely take on a word search marathon session if you’re a fan of the genre, and you can just as easily play for a few minutes at a time thanks to the console’s sleep mode. You can play the game with the console docked or in Handheld and Tabletop modes in which you can use the touchscreen as well to control the game. Playing docked is definitely advised for frantic 4 player sessions since having the bigger screen is a plus, but you can definitely play it on the Switch’s HD screen just fine.

This Word Search by POWGI review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Lightwood Games.


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Fun word search puzzle game with a ton of content