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[Beyond PlayStation] Miles & Kilo Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Miles & Kilo Review

Miles & Kilo is a charming and colorful retro style 2D action platflormer now available on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Miles & Kilo review!


The story is about a young boy named Miles and his dog Kilo who go on a plane trip. Due to some bad weather the plane goes off course and a nefarious person forces them to crash land, stealing some parts of their plane in the process. It’s up to Miles and Kilo to find all the plane parts and leave the island they are stranded on. That’s all the story for this 2D platformer since the focus is on the gameplay.

Miles & Kilo Review - 3

While playing as Miles you can jump, slide, throw fruit and punch. Because the environments vary from level to level, you will find that Miles can also swing on vines, and when he grabs Kilo’s lead, Kilo will autorun, draggin Miles with him, which creates some challenging platforming as you must be on high alert to avoid the many obstacles, pits and enemies on your path.

Miles & Kilo Review - 3

You will die a lot in this game, but fortunately you have infinite lives, and you will certainly learn from your mistakes as you go, making sure to not repeat them during each new take on a level. Fruit is your friend in this one since you can use it to knock out your enemies by chucking fruit at them. Fruit is in plentiful supply across all 36 levels spread over five very different worlds.

As you progress in the game the difficulty will naturally ramp up at a steady pace, so the platforming aspect will be varied. Thanks to the simple control mechanics you’ll be able to focus on the action since you only need to worry about jumping or attacking. If you end up dying which, as I mentioned before, will happen a lot, you will know it is not the game’s fault.

Finishing each level gives you a rank and a final score based on certain factors like the number of deaths, how fast the level was completed, how many coins you collected and how much fruit you have left. You also accumulate points for the number of enemies you defeated over the course of the level. There are also in-game achievements to aim for, mostly time related, and they are certainly a fun addition to the game and something that increases its replay value.

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Miles and Kilo is a cute and charming platformer that is available right now on the Nintendo switch and if you are a big platformer fan, then look no further than Miles and Kilo, you have the option of playing in standard mode taking full control of Miles or you can chose auto run in the settings menu and concentrate on the platforming if you have good reflexes because you will need it. Auto Run is far more challenging. Good luck and enjoy.

This Miles & Kilo review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Four Horses.


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Fun and colorful 2D platformer