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[Beyond PlayStation] Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Review

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory is a side-scrolling RPG with some choose your own adventure elements that make this a very fun experience. Learn more in our Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory review!


Upon booting for the first time you get to choose from two generals: Princess Cecille and Legatus Laendur, who are both want for the vacated throne in Fenumia. The main character you select will be in the back row in a supporting role because, as you’ll soon learn, they’re both capable of summoning special champions known as Exemplars. They do the bidding of the princess and Legatus so that they do not have to actually take part in combat.

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When in battle you can attack using the A, Y or B buttons, with each Exemplar character assigned to a specific button. You can queue up to three attacks, but they can be interrupted by enemies if you’re not careful. On the bright-side, you can also stop your enemies by blocking their attacks and attacking at the right time. There are other more complicated gameplay mechanics to learn, and the game does an excellent job of teaching you the basics and the more advanced things as well. The game is very combat-heavy, so you better pay attention to everything the tutorials are trying to teach you or else you’ll be sorry.

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As for the game’s story, you’ll get to make choices as you play the game and these will impact the outcome of your adventure. Think of it as a mild take on how decisions in a release from Telltale Games affect the story as it goes. For example, after a battle, you might be offered a chance to get some extra help on the side for some money, and you can decide to refuse it, pay or try to blackmail whoever is trying to pull the strings. I won’t spoil the rest of the choices you’ll get, but I do want to mention the decisions you take might create other plot branches as well as affect which secondary characters you can get for your team.

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You can level up your team, and Exemplars will grow stronger as well, unlocking stat mods and evolving into new classes, and the classes you can upgrade to will also depend on the choices you make. Upgraded classes are a must since the game will continue to become more difficult as you make some progress, and the extra skills and better stats will make a huge difference.

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Bosses in the game are really tough, so you better be ready with a good understanding of the combos in the game, how and when to block, and what the weaknesses of enemies and bosses are so that you can exploit them. Your timing will need to be just right so that you don’t leave your characters wide open as their actions recharge. You might not succeed at first, but if you have some extra patience and learn from your mistakes, you will start to make some good progress in this one.

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I had fun playing Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory for this review since the game looks great, and the gameplay mechanics are a blast to use. It reminded me a bit of games such as Valkyrie Profile, which is definitely a good thing. By buying the game you will get two full story campaigns to play through either at home or on the go, and this Nintendo Switch version of the game also includes five extra hidden characters to unlock, bonus story paths, additional content and even some more boss fights. Oh, and once you beat a campaign you can dive right back in with New Game+ which features remixed battles for a fresh experience!

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This Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by NIS America.


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Solid 2D action RPG with branchign paths and a ton of content