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[Beyond PlayStation] Mad Carnage Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Mad Carnage Review
  • On July 16, 2018

Mad Carnage from Drageus Games and Qubic Games is a turn-based post-apocalyptic world after the Great War. Come check out our Mad Carnage review!


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In Mad Carnage you take control of group of scavengers who are trying to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world that has been hit by the Great War. You will take on a twenty single-player battle campaign with your rugged vehicles as you try to outmaneuver and destroy your enemies before they get a change to do some considerable damage to your group. The first couple of levels will allow you to get the hang of things as you realize that every turn you take will have a consequence down the road. The longer your movement during your turn, the more momentum you will build, which will make it harder to turn during your next turn, or to escape from crashing into a rock or into another vehicle if you’re not careful.

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As you progress in the game you will gain access to different types of vehicles, each with a particular set of attack and defense stats, weapons and specific traits. For example, you’ll have one type of car that is very fast and which can move over long stretches, but who has a weak defense and an average attack. There’s another who that can fire a single use missile to deal some extra damage but that is ideally used for crashing onto enemies to deal considerable damage. And then there’s the heavy vehicle which is extremely slow and can only move a spot or two at a time but that makes up for it by being able to fire from both sides of the vehicle.


Between each battle you will get to learn more about the game’s story by way of some comic book style pages that showcase the main characters, such as John Carnage, and what they’re trying to do in this dog eat dog world. You’ll also get an average-sized wall of text here and there for some extra exposition, so you’ll get a pretty good idea of what you’re getting yourself into and why it matters.

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Completing stages will reward you with gears which you can use to upgrade each vehicle type so that all vehicles of said type can benefit from the improvements made. These include increasing their attack power, their driving speed, their defense power and more. Since the difficulty increases considerably as you go, sometimes including being greatly outnumbered, you must pay good attention to how you balance your crew so that you can maximize the potential of all of your vehicle units. If at some point you feel like you need to rebalance your upgrades, you can remove them to redistribute the gears.

Along with the main story campaign you can also take on the Versus mode which includes eight separate maps for you to battle against another player or to practice against the AI. Even if you don’t have someone else to play some two player versus, you should definitely use this mode to get some extra practice in so that you can be ready to take on the second half of the main Campaign battles in which you’ll be at a considerable disadvantage.

Mad Carnage is a fun and challenging turn-based strategy game with a different way of doing things. The way vehicles behave as you decide how close and far to move them during each particular turn so that you don’t end up crashing against an object or an enemy. It offers more than enough content for its budget $4.99 price, so if you want a different type of strategy game, be sure to check it out!

This Mad Carnage review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Qubic Games.


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Challenging turn-based post-apocalyptic release