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[Beyond PlayStation] Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Review

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is a spiritual sequel to A Normal Lost Phone, also on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this one in our Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story review!


As was the case for the previous game (check our review right here), for Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story you will get to interact with the lost phone of the titular Laura as you hunt through text messages, emails, photos and more. How will you feel once you start to unravel the events in Laura’s life? Will you feel guilty about going so deep into the life of a complete stranger who has no say in the matter?

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The puzzles are similar to the previous game from the studio and aren’t difficult to solve since you will just need to do a lot of reading to find the relevant bit of information that you need in order to crack Laura’s codes. You’ll be reading text messages and emails, scanning through her photos to try and figure out what type of person she is, and this will lead you to understand that there are some things in her life that are more complicated than you expected. I can’t go into the game’s story and other elements anymore since it would end up spoiling your time with the game.

You can play the game in what you could call portrait or landscape mode, as if you were holding an actual phone, with some HD Rumble thrown in for good measure… a considerably large phone due to the size of the Switch’s screen, right? The one thing I found unusual is how Laura’s lost phone felt a bit too clean and neat. If you’re like me, your iPhone is probably a mess with a ton of apps over multiple screens, with a cluttered feel with some apps grouped together when they sorta don’t make sense as group. Laura’s on the other hand, feels pretty squeaky clean, with to me felt weird.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, as was the case for A Normal Lost Phone, will be over in a couple of hours at most, so this one will appeal to, say, fans of visual novels, as well as to, obviously, those of you that played and enjoyed the previous game on Nintendo Switch from Accidental Queens, Plug In Digital and Seaven Studio. It is available on its own for $5.99 on the Nintendo eshop, or you can a bundle with both games, as Lost Phones Stories, for only $9.99.

This Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Accidental Queens.


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Solid spiritual successor to A Normal Lost Phone