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[Beyond PlayStation] The Mooseman Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Mooseman Review
  • On July 30, 2018

The Mooseman from Sometimes You is a black and white minimalist puzzle experience based on finno-ugric myths. Learn more about it in our The Mooseman review!


You move around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad and can double tap left or right to make your character automatically move in that direction. You can also interact with things with the A button as needed, and the A button will also be used to activate and deactivate your interaction with the world that the naked eye cannot see. This will be the most important gameplay mechanic and one that will play a part in the puzzle solving side of things. There are other things you will do with the A button, but I won’t spoil them here! Oh, and you might gain an ability or two so that you can use the other face buttons.

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As for the puzzles, and as to not ruin any of the later puzzles in the game, you can traverse the “other world,” so to speak, to make a work-like being crawl towards you after you pass it. Going back behind it, you can then change back to the ordinary world to turn the mythical worm into a large rock, thus allowing you yo climb over the rock to then walk over a previously out of reach fallen log that will allow you to continue on your journey. At other times, there might be a gap you can cross thanks to the help of the spirits in the other world, but other times a spiritual gap might be on your way, forcing you to go back to the ordinary world to cross said gap which no longer exists.

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As you explore you will find ancient artifacts, the first of which is actually a winged mooseman that you can obtain by going left at the start of the game. All artifacts you find will be added to your collection, which you can access either from the pause menu or by pressing the L button, where you will be able to learn a bit about them. There are also idols on your path that will help you to unravel the many myths in the game. Once you find a new idol, be sure to press the R button to review it – doing so will make the runes for a myth disappear so that you can read its translation. There are five pages of myth selections to unveil.

The Mooseman feels like a set of cave paintings that have come to life on Nintendo’s console. The information learned from the many idols you find on your path, as well as from the relics you collect, as you explore every part of each chapter, will allow you to learn more about this digital take on the tales from a bygone era. The game is short and should take you 2-3 hours to complete at most, which is the perfect size for this type of tale, and I do recommend that you take the time to dive into this experience.

This The Mooseman review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Sometimes You.


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Interesting take on the myths of a bygone era