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[Beyond PlayStation] Animal Super Squad Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Animal Super Squad Review
  • On August 2, 2018

Animal Super Squad from DoubleMoose Games is a colorful and quirky physics-based platforming thing on Nintendo Switch you should definitely check out. Find out why in our Animal Super Squad review!


In Animal Super Squad you will take control of one of the available animals (once you unlock more), moving them left and right with either the ZL and ZR butons or by pressing left or right on the analog stick. Said animals will also be able to jump when you press the A button, but once you get one into a vehicle, things change a bit. While inside of a vehicle, you can move left and right with the ZL and ZR butons, and the A button will activate a mighty boost that will send you rushing forward. It is then that you can use the left analog stick to balance the vehicle to the left and to the right so that you can, for example, make a proper landing after a jump, or perhaps hit a higher platform at an angle so that you can climb on it.

This being a physics-based platformer means there is usually more than one way to solve a section in a level since, for example, a box might fall and “roll” differently during two separate tries, or you might find a new way to complete a tricky segment. During my time with the game, one time a box fell on top of the platform I was riding, which was rocking back and forth AND had a conveyor belt that was trying to push me backwards, and the box knocked me out of it. After respawning at checkpoint, I tried it again and this time the box fell over the rocking platform but then fell down into the water without hitting me. Oh, and during a separate run to get a collectible, I ended up riding the cog on top of the platform that was taking care of rocking it back and forth.

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Speaking of collectibles, you need to keep your eyes open for the big capsule toy spheres in each level. You will find ones that include new hats for your pilots and even extra secret levels that dial up the challenge, so if you want to 100% this game you need to search high and low as you roll, ride and teleport all over the place to find everything it has to offer. You might need to do an extra run here and there when you miss a collectible so be sure to check in the world map how many collectibles are in a stage so that you can try to find different routes to take as you search for the ones you’re missing.

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Along with the cleverly designed levels in the main campaign mode, Animal Super Squad also includes a level editor that will allow you to get creative as you get to design as many stages as you want in order to share them with the world. This also means that you can dive into a ton of new stages built by players from everywhere in the planet, giving this release a ton of replay value. Sure, there are the odd levels that players have created just to troll others, but you can quickly skip those and focus on the ones that pay homage to the platforming classics of ages past or that build on what the main campaign has to offer by increasing the challenge without feeling unfair.

Animal Super Squad is a welcomed addition to the Nintendo Switch library and a game that is just as fun to play at home or on the go. The many levels the team at DoubleMoose Games has created will keep you busy for a while, and you can then dive into creating your own stages or playing those already created by players around the world to keep the fun going for many extra hours. If you’re looking for a colorful and charming physics-based platformer on Nintendo’s hybrid console, then be sure to give this one a go!

This Animal Super Squad review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by DoubleMoose Games.


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Colorful and quirky physics-based platformer