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[Beyond PlayStation] Hexologic Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Hexologic Review
  • On August 3, 2018

Hexologic is a very fun, relaxing and highly addictive puzzle game on Nintendo Switch you should check out. Find out why in our Hexologic review!


Hexologic is a puzzle game in which you try to set one, two or three dots inside of each hexagon in a level, with the Y, X and A buttons, respectively, so that when added up they match the number inside of the white triangle in said line. This is easy to do, as the tutorial shows you with just the one line to solve, but then the difficulty increases at a steady pace through the over 60 main levels (and 12 extra levels) included in Hexologic, as you have to take care of making sure that when you complete each empty hexagon all lines add up properly.

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The game, as you can see, has a hint of Sudoku in it, which along with its minimalist presentation and relaxing music, makes for a very addictive experience. And as you complete level groups you will get some extra elements added into the mix at a slow and steady pace as to not overwhelm you so that you can learn how to adapt to them. For example, you will run into levels in which there are colored hexagons, and placing a set of dots in one colored hexagon will affect all the other hexagon of the same color! There are also hexagons with dots “set in stone,” so to speak, which cannot be changed and which you need to take into consideration when doing your math, especially since, most of the time, they have values of five dots or more!

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When you start the game, the numbers inside of the white triangles that dictate the total of dots that needs to be in each particular line are on the smaller side of the equation, but as you climb up the list of stages you will get to double digit numbers that will definitely test your skills without ever feeling unfair. Speaking of that, the separate sets of three extra stages for every batch of normal levels dial up the difficulty a bit more to test seasoned puzzle fans, and they were a great way to test everything I had learned up to that point.

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Hexologic is a must-have for puzzle fans on Nintendo Switch. The game might be short since you can probably finish all puzzles in an hour or two at most depending on your expertise with the genre, but you’ll be having a lot of fun with this one from start to finish.

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This Hexologic review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by MythicOwl.


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Addictively fun, relaxing and short puzzle game