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[Beyond PlayStation] SpiritSphere DX Review

[Beyond PlayStation] SpiritSphere DX Review

SpiritSphere DX is a colorful competitive game on Nintendo Switch from Eendhoorn and Fabraz. Learn about this fun release in our SpiritSphere DX review!


SpiritSphere DX is a single-player and multiplayer arcade-style battlefest with gameplay mechanics that feel like a cross between tennis and soccer… but without tennis rackets or goal posts. Your objective is to get the large sphere past your opponent to win points. The graphics for this game are really good, and they make me think of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the SNES, with its colorful and charming presentation.

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The game is played from a top-down perspective, which allows you to get a good look at everything that is going on. The pitch is made of some Zelda-like environments, with lush grassy areas with trees to volcanic areas with lava. You have players on opposing sides of the screen, and the aim is to bounce a purple sphere around the area to try and get it past your opponent to win a point. Games are short and last a few minutes or so, and you can set the points needed to win a match to change things a bit.

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There are a few types of spheres, each with its own effects. For example, the fire sphere will shoot out flames! So depending on what you choose you can go from a very really relaxing to a very hectic match. There are different spheres to choose from, but I’d suggest you start with the simplest sphere as you get the hang of things so that you can then spice things up.


The game has some nice extra touches here and there that mix the arcade-style action with stuff that, again, reminded me of The Legend of Zelda games. You can, for instance, stand on a switch to open a gate on the opposing side that could be key in helping you get the sphere to your opponent’s side. There are also some other challenges present during matches that never get in the way or feel unfair. Speaking of that, I’m happy to report that the game’s AI is great and it puts up a solid fight without, again, ever feeling unfair.

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There are also different characters for you to choose from, and they all feel unique, so you’ll have a lot of fun test-driving them to see which one better suits your playing style. Luckily the control layout is the same for all characters, so you won’t need to relearn the basics, as you hit the sphere, charge attacks and use the available power-ups to try and change the way a battle is going.

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SpiritSphere DX has several modes you can play at home or on the go. There’s the last be single-player Campaign mode with four available characters and more that can be unlocked as you play. The developers have decided to give us the option of holding the Nintendo Switch vertically when playing in Handheld mode against someone else, with each player holding a Joy-Con as both players take on the match on the same screen from opposing perspectives, which I thought was a genius idea. The game also has a Squash mode in which you can take on a competitive round of two of sphere squash, and there is also a Boss mode in which one player controls the boss in a 2v1 match. You can also play Target mode in which you try to break the targets as you go.

Your hard-earned coins in the game can be spent at the Sphere Fountain, where you can chuck in 100 coins and see what you get. I won’t spoil what happens after you throw in the coins, so you’re going to have to find out for yourself once you play the game!

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SpiritSphere Dx is a fun arcade-style competitive game that mixes the fast-paced sports action of something like tennis and soccer with an art style and overall feel that reminded me of the beloved The Legend of Zelda series, and that is certainly a great mix. You can take on the game in short burst or for long gaming sessions, and you will have a blast doing so, as you try to hit the sphere just right to claim that final point.

This SpiritSphere DX review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Fabraz.


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