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[Beyond PlayStation] Awkward Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Awkward Review

Review Overview

It's a party killer.


Are you ready to dive into an awkward review for what is certainly a very peculiar game? Then you should check out our Awkward review!


OUT NOW: Awkward: A fun M-rated party game for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and P

At the end of the 1800s the government declared a global ban on this legendary card game due to an increase in bar fights, divorces, and family feuds. It was political correctness gone mad.

Awkward is the ultimate test on finding out how well friends, couples, and family know each other. Players are asked to answer increasingly uncomfortable questions in secret, while their companions try to guess the outcome.

HEATED CLASSICS! Pineapple on pizza, yay or nay?
RELATIONSHIP CHOICES! What part of your partner do you prefer, body or face?
HORRIBLE DILEMMAS! If you could only save the life of one, would you choose a 1-year-old or an 18-year-old?
Whether you deduce correctly or incorrectly, games of Awkward help players see each other in a brand new light. And your opinion counts: each Awkward question will let you compare your vote to the rest of the world. Banned for over 120-years, Awkward is back, and you can now enjoy this controversial adult card game as a video game.

Featuring the original banned questions, as well as all new content written by Danny Gallagher (Quiplash, Fibbage 2) and Joanna Haslam (Buzz! Quiz World, It’s Quiz Time). One to six players can join in, with a huge selection of game modes on offer. Play cooperatively, as teams, competitively, or solo players can play alone to guess how the rest of the world fared with Awkward’s controversial questions.

Awkward is the ultimate party game featuring over 5,000 fiendish questions. Do you dare to find out how well you really know each other?

Awkward Review - 1

Awkward is a new party game that makes you and your friends have to make terrible choices with your answers. I was hoping for something more akin to cards against humanity, but what we get comes very short from that. The game has three modes to play: Solo (your answers vs. the world), Couple (trying to get similar results) and Party Mode (competing against friends). The basic gameplay is simple: you get asked a question and choose an answer. That’s it really. The game will tell you what percentage of the world your answer falls into.

Awkward Review - 2

This Nintendo Switch game is billed as having awkward questions for you and your friends to answer but, honestly, most don’t feel that awkward. Every once in a while a weird one will sneak through, asking something like “What is worse necrophilia or bestiality?” So, to sum things up, I think that the questions in this game really aren’t that great.

I played several rounds of solo and didn’t see a compelling reason to keep playing, but I managed to talk my wife into playing the couple’s version. We had to pass one Joy-Con between us to answer (don’t know why it doesn’t support multiple controllers or smartphone support like similar games in this genre). I would be up, and she would have to pick what I picked, then she would get to answer, and I would have to guess her answer. We didn’t enjoy it, and she’s actually a bit mad at me for making her play this one.

Awkward does have a very unique and distinct visual style, which I really liked, but it doesn’t make up for the lousy gameplay. Looks alone can’t carry a game, no matter how quirky, weird, and fun it might look, even if it does remind you of, say, something as great as Monthy Python.

Awkward Review - 3

Final Thoughts

I can’t recommend Awkward. It’s not fun to play by yourself, or with others, and the humor, other than a few hits, is also disappointing. If you want an awkward type of game to play, then find something else.

This Awkward review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Snap Finger Click.