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[PlayStation 4] Anamorphine Review

[PlayStation 4] Anamorphine Review
  • On August 13, 2018

Anamorphine from Artifact 5 first-person surreal exploration game now available on PlayStation 4 that deals with a traumatic event. Learn more about it in our Anamorphine review!


In this release, part of what nowadays we’re calling the walking simulator genre, you’ll be exploring the aftermath of a traumatic event, taking on the memories of your relationship with your wife to learn more about what has happened. This, as you can imagine, leads to experiencing a very different type of game from what you’ve probably played in other entries in this relatively new genre.

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Due to the game’s nature, the developers have decided to include a warning about the type of material players will experience during their time with the game. This includes depictions of depression and substance abuse, to name a few, and there is a full content warning option that will let you know what other things you might run into. You then have the option to start the game without the skip scene option, or you can turn on said function so that you can skip the scenes that might rub you the wrong way, for one or another reason.

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As for the controls, you move with the left analog stick and look around with the right analog stick, and that really is all you’ll need to worry about remembering. You’ll therefore make good use of those two analog sticks as you walk around each area and look around, stopping for a second in front of items that have a particular glow to them so that you can “collect” them and the memories attached to them. There is no dialogue, no voice acting, no “press X to interact with this,” so you’ll be completely focused on how memories are presented in the game.

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It’s hard to review games like Anamorphine because talking too much about the story can hurt the experience of other players who need to take on the game without any spoilers, especially for games that are a couple of hours long such as this one. What I will say is that the topics presented by the game are handled properly and are not glossed over, making this one resonate with anyone who has experienced similar situations or who have people in their life who have gone through something like this. There are two endings for the game, so that you can see what are the two roads most people end up travelling down.

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If you like first-person experiences (a.k.a. walking simulators), and don’t mind experiencing the particular topics that Anamorphine deals with, then you should check this one out on PlayStation 4. It features a story that will certain touch you, especially if you’ve dealt with something similar to what the main protagonist goes through. The one complaint I’d have is that the loading times between chapters are a bit on the long side, and that the game loads for a few seconds at weird spots, but this is probably something that the team is working on to improve by way of a patch.

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This Anamorphine review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Artifact 5.


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First-person experience that tackles a serious topic