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[PlayStation 4] Rascal Revolt Review

[PlayStation 4] Rascal Revolt Review

Rascal Revolt is a shooter you can play solo or in multiplayer. The game is set in a theme park where things have gone wrong. Learn more about it in our Rascal Revolt review!

Rascal Revolt offers up three modes for you to play, a campaign and two survival modes. The campaign mode is the meat of the game, and can be played either solo or in co-op. There are a variety of missions with time limits, for doing stuff like finding easter eggs or taking out enemies and bosses again before the time is up. The enemy types are interesting since there are clowns, bears and even piñatas, which, I have to say, are adorable even though they are the bad guys, so you need to take them out!

The action can get pretty crazy and non-stop, so imagine how hectic things can get in multiplayer! In multiplayer, the action does not stop as enemies keep coming at you from every direction, so you always need to be on high alert. As you take on missions for collecting stuff or for killing enemies or retrieving items from the animals running away from you.

There are four playable characters to choose from, each having different stats and abilities. They all look like very young children, which is part of the whole art style and design for the game. For example, you have Axel, who is the fastest of the four, and Billy who can regenerate his health. Thanks to their abilities and how they helped me to take on the game’s challenges, I ended up playing with these two during most of my matches.


The advantage of playing in multiplayer is that you can unleash combo attacks, something that can’t be done in solo mode. Another advantage is that two sets of eyes are better than one, even more so since you are always on the clock, and mission objectives are not clearly marked so finding what to do can be a bit of a hassle. But if you’re playing in co-op, you can split the workload and take on the objectives at a steady pace.

Rascal Revolt Review

As I mentioned before, there are also boss missions to take on, and since, like the rest of the missions, they are on a timer, this considerably increases the challenge. You only have one life and no respawn, so dying means that you will need to restart the mission. This means that you’ll need some good old-fashioned trial and error so that you can learn their movement and attack patterns so that you can beat the bosses. The boss missions are challenging but when you complete them you will feel a great.


You can also take on survival mode which, as expected, is pretty much self-explanatory: there are waves and waves of enemies to defeat, and with every new wave the difficulty ramps up, so it’s a mode where things can get out of hand if you’re not careful, but it will certainly get your adrenaline going! You will need to keep enemies from stealing your flag, because if you let that happens, it is game over. And then there is Extreme Survival, which in general is similar to regular Survival, except that it is way harder and dying is easier and faster.

Rascal Revolt Review

Rascal Revolt is a fun and colorful game on PS4. The one complaint I’d have about the game is that the camera could use some extra work since I felt it moved around a bit too fast, but other than that, this is a game that is easy to recommend on Sony’s console.

This Rascal Revolt review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Seamantis Games.


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