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[Beyond PlayStation] Kenshō Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Kenshō Review

A new puzzler is now out on Nintendo Switch. Does it scratch that puzzler itch or does it leave you wanting more? Find out in our Kenshō review!


Kenshō Gameplay Trailer

Begin your journey through a surreal world where nature, time and space intertwine.

Mysterious things happen in a ruined room. Doors inside that room lead to different worlds and beautiful landscapes.

Match blocks and overcome challenges in this addictive puzzle with rich visual effects that unfolds a narrative through breathtaking places including lush jungles and stormy seas.

11 original songs accompany you on this adventure, replete with violin, piano, harmonica, accordion and more.

Key features

• Addictive tile-sliding gameplay

• 9 challenging obstacles such as stones, borders, drones, and portals

• 11 levels with different nature, physical environment, and weather conditions

• Unique art style and rich visual effects

• Award-winning original soundtrack involving live instruments

• A storyline full of natural disasters and total destruction

• Block-moving puzzles, that open the doors to new worlds

Kenshō is a new puzzle game on Nintendo Switch in which the main gameplay mechanic is that you slide all pieces up, down, left or right at once. This shifts all of the pieces on the board, and you want to connect 3 or more pieces of the same colors to make them disappear. The trick with Kenshō is that certain blocks will have a piece on it to form a key. Every level will have a different amount of keys needed for you to progress, so you need to shuffle them around to make the pieces with keys disappear. It takes five pieces to make one key for you.

Kenshō Review - 1

Once you get enough keys to beat the level, you then move on to a different type of sliding puzzle with the keys you completed inside of a lock, and you need to figure out the right way to shift them around so that they end up on each corresponding colored spot. It’s a great break from the regular gameplay, and these puzzles are also as fun, and sometimes even more fun, that the main puzzles in the game.

Kenshō is neat, but one of the common issues is that the board will up with tiles, and you have to restart right where you right at the spot you were defeated so that you can continue completing the key. The games gameplay mechanics remind me of games like 2048 and Threes where you shift the board similarly. However, in those similar tiles combine and add together to a higher value, helping to keep your board clear… ish. With this game lacking a similar mechanic, your board will fill up faster than normal. It doesn’t break the experience, but it could have been handled better.

Kenshō Review - 2

While playing the game will throw some new puzzle mechanics at you, like blocks that won’t move, some that shift and teleport around, even ones that will force you to align three or more puzzle pieces of the same color a certain way so that you can work around the protective barriers that some pieces will have, just to name a few examples. These different types of pieces add to the overall experience, bringing some nice variety to the table.

Kenshō has a really zen and serene feel to it, with its minimalist and colorful aesthetics and its chill and relaxing music. Its background is a forest, and you will see some wildlife here and there behind the scenes. It’s a very relaxing game to play, and one that had me having fun from start to finish.

Kenshō Review - 3

Final Thoughts

I thought Kenshō was a neat puzzler that does some interesting things, but, in the end, it still feels like it’s missing something. It has plenty of puzzles for you to complete, and it’s a very chill game to play at home or on the on the Nintendo Switch, making this a solid pick up and play game for your console.

This Kenshō review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by JetDogs.


Review Overview

Neat puzzler that falls short from greatness