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[Beyond PlayStation] Aperion Cyberstorm Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Aperion Cyberstorm Review
  • On August 23, 2018

Fast-paced twin-stick shooter Aperion Cyberstorm is a fun experience on Nintendo Switch you should check out. Find out why in our Aperion Cyberstorm review!


In Aperion Cyberstorm you’ll be taking on small arena-style battles in a twin-stick shooter setting as you obtain enough in-game currency to continue to improve your ship and weapons so that you can keep up with your enemies who grow deadlier as you progress through each section. The attacks of big enemies are certainly dangerous, but you should never forget about the smaller enemies since they can quickly dash around the area and overwhelm you if you’re not careful!

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You can take on the game on your own or with some friends for some crazy twin-stick action, unlocking new weapons and ships as you go. Enemies you defeat will also reward you with experience points that will help you level up. This is tied to the upgrade of weapons since, even if you have enough to pay for an upgrade, said upgrade might be locked until you reach a specific level. So the more enemies you defeat, the more in-game currency you secure, the more upgrades you can get as you level up.

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You’ll be able to select what weapons and abilities to bring into battle, and can make changes to your selection at the start of the section. You might be a bit adventurous and decide to carry nothing but abilities to maximize your damage output, or you might want to play it a bit safe and carry a shield with you just in case things get crazy. You can’t just use abilities as you please since you need to refuel them an they also run on a cooldown, so you should definitely plan accordingly!

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The game includes a Campaign Mode which acts as the main story mode for the game. In here you’ll be travelling through many deadly areas as you search for your team. The difficulty ramps up as you go, but it never feels as if the jump was unfair. As long as you upgrade your weapons, experiment with the different spaceships you’ll unlock, and always remain in high-alert, then your odds of survival will increase considerably. There are different paths you can take, so be sure to choose wisely!

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You can also dive into Versus Mode in which you can use the customisable rule sets to set up how a multiplayer match is going to play out. You might want to take on a free for all where its everyone against everyone or set up a team battle. And even if you have no one around to take the controller and battle you, there is the option to add some AI players into the mix. Oh, and if you want to test how good you really are, you might want to dive into Onslaught mode in which an endless horde of enemies will come to get you as you try to stand your ground.

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Aperion Cyberstorm is certainly a fun game on Nintendo Switch that you can enjoy at home or on the go by yourself or with some friends for hectic matches where anything goes. aPriori Digital did a solid job with this game, and I look forward to seeing what the team does next!

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This Aperion Cyberstorm review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by aPriori Digital.


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