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[Beyond PlayStation] Rally Racers Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Rally Racers Review

Rally Racers is a racing game that takes its inspiration from a popular cartoon I used to watch as a child, giving us a colorful and fun racer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Rally Racers review!


Rally Racers is a cartoon based Family Fun Car Racing Game with “Wacky Racer Rees” and his gang battling with his evil brother, “Droog and his henchmen”.

Rally Racers has a story in which you play as Rees who’s having a grudge against his brother, Droog. They both decide to settle their scores by way of kart racing, but not an ordinary kart race: one that includes every weapon you can think of! Your ultimate goal is to beat Droog, no matter what. Before you can race Droog you have to get through a multitude of Islands and the three objectives presented to you at each one. If you come up short and only complete, for example, two out of the three objectives, then you will need to repeat the race. This is something that might rub some people the wrong way, since it does lead to some repetition as you race the same track over and over until you can complete the objectives.

There is a tutorial that helps you get to grips with the game’s gameplay mechanics. To me, the tutorial felt a bit off since, instead of showing you how things work, the game freezes and a big blue pop-up message shows up as you race, which was a bit annoying. Other than that, the tutorial will teach you about collecting oranges around the laps and what that does, then there are the power-ups, the ramps, how to use drifting, as well as performing various tricks that you will need to learn if you want to make the most of your time with the game.

Rally Racers Review

Let’s discuss these objectives: The first one is for winning a race, and you must come in first place in every race to be able to progress; the second objective, which can really ruin your run, is to get points for performing tricks – you will need to accumulate X number of points by performing a variety of tricks; the last one is for collecting X number of oranges to progress, which isn’t so bad since they are pretty big and kinda hard to miss… oh, and they have faces! Completing all three objectives will let you progress to the next race, and this is the cycle you will find yourself in.

The game’s presentation is good, with colorful environments and varied locations. You could go from a cold and winter snowy location, and later be racing on a lush and tropical spot where the sun shines brightly all day long. There is also a lot you can customize about your kart, from the way it looks to upgrade its stats so that it can have better speed, handling, and more. You can also have companions riding in the kart with you, and they too can be upgraded as you win races and earn money so that you can purchase new companions with better abilities. To give you an idea of what to expect, your beginner companion is the sheep and it can provide you with a shield to protect you from the enemy weapons that could ruin your race.

Rally Racers Review

The controls work great for the most part, but they seems to be an issue when trying to steer on ramps while you try and collect oranges. This in particular feels a bit awkward, and you are likely to loose control while on ramps which gets in the way of completing the objective for collecting X number of oranges during each race. It’s important that you position your kart just right before hitting a ramp or you might find yourself going the wrong way on a track.

Rally Racers Review

Overall, Rally Racers is a fun game that is best played in shorter bursts since playing for long sessions can be a bit tedious for some of you due to how the game makes it so that you can’t progress further unless you complete all objectives in each race you take part of. Once you’ve managed to get to the end there is not much in the way of replay value since there is no local multiplayer that could keep you coming back for more.

This Rally Racers review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by West Coast Software.


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Fun racing game that could use some improvements