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[Review Revisited] Swarm

  • On August 26, 2018

Swarm Review Revisited

Swarm from Hot Head Games is a PlayStation 3 game that mixes some RTS elements into an action platformer. Players are in control of a bunch of Swarmites that must be moved from point A to point B so that they can be taken to Momma so that she can use their DNA to grow.


Getting as many Swarmites to the end of the level in one piece is your main goal, but you also need to bump up your score as high as possible… and to make this happen you must get your Swarmites killed so that you can raise your score multiplier as you collect point orbs. There are contraptions here and there that will allow you to increase the number of Swarmites under your command, so you must find a good balance for each level between how many Swarmites you can send to their death and how many you manage to get to the finish line.

You can read the original review right here.


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