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[Beyond PlayStation] I, Zombie Review!

[Beyond PlayStation] I, Zombie Review!
  • On August 27, 2018

I, Zombie from Awesome Games Studio is a game in which you take control of zombies as you try to turn all humans to your side. Learn more about it in our I, Zombie review!


Controls are simple to understand since you move around with the left analog stick and use the face buttons to give orders to the zombies in your group – that is once you’ve added some zombies to your group! You will then be able to order them to attack by pressing the B button, to stop by pressing the A button, and to follow you by pressing the Y button. And if you want to quickly restart a stage, you can do so with the X button. When zombies touch a human they will attack it, lowering its hit points until they become a new zombie.

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If you want to 100% the included stages you will need to complete them as fast as possible so that you can be awarded with a cup for your effort. On top of this, you can also get up to three stars awarded to you per stage. One star is awarded for completing the stage, while for the other two you will need to make sure that your zombies don’t get too much damage since if they are defeated they won’t count towards the total of zombies saved for said stage. There ase some super stealth stages where time is all that matters for getting a three star rating since they include soldiers with extremely fast and deadly weapons, so the team knew you would not be turning any of them into zombies

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You need to be very sneaky most of the time, because while some humans are easy prey, others will be heavily armed and will shoot at you as soon as they see you or if you get too close to them. Humans with weapons deal some considerable damage to you, and it only gets worse when you realize that when you’re hit you will start to move as slow as molasses. Being heavily damaged is not the end for you and your zombie group since as long as a zombie has a bit of health left it will be able to regenerate in full over a handful of seconds.

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Humans aren’t the only thing you’ need to worry about since you will also run into automatic turrets that pack a punch and can kill a zombie in two seconds. And when turrets are placed at a spot where you know there is going to be some cross-fire between them and the humans, then you know you need to be extra careful with how you move your zombie group around a stage.


There are 30 levels in total, 20 of which could be catalogued as of a summer nature, while the remaining 10 are certainly of the winter variety since they’re snowy and feature some snowmen here and there that aren’t only for decoration! As long as you and your zombie group can manage to get into a snowman undetected, you’ll be able to remain there without humans shooting at you until they’re pretty much on top of you, and by then it will be too late for them to retaliate! This is the one new gameplay mechanic that is introduced late in the game, but it certainly changes how you approach those final 10 stages.

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And once you’re done with those 30 stages, why don’t you take a shot at playing around with the game’s level edito so that you can get those creative juices of you flowing? And if you’re not feeling very creative then you don’t have to worry about a thing since you can just focus on playing the stages that other players have already created for all to enjoy.

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I, Zombie is a fun arcade-style release with some light RTS elements thrown in for goof measure that offers a solid 30 stages from the development team that you should be able to complete in less than an hour at most, with perhaps an extra 20-30 minutes if you need to replay some of the tricky stages as you try to get a better overall time or a three star rating. And when you add in all the stages created by players around the world, as well as being able to dive into the level editor to create some stages of your own, and the online leaderboard for stars collected and fastest total completion time for all summer stages and for all winter stages, then that makes this one an easy game to recommend.

This I, Zombie review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Awesome Games Studio.


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Fun and short RTS puzzle game with a level editor