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[Review Revisited] Cloudberry Kingdom

[Review Revisited] Cloudberry Kingdom
  • On September 2, 2018

Cloudberry Kingdom is a platformer that released a few years ago on the Playstation 3. For this game each level is procedurally generated, so you’re sure to have a new experience every time you boot it up! You also have the option of selecting how difficult of an experience you want to have, and this is key for allowing people of all skill levels to enjoy it.

If you want to take a stroll through the game to learn what traps and hazards you’ll find, you can select a lower difficulty and take things slow. And if you think you’re the best player at platformers, crank up the difficulty and prepare to be humbled, because Cloudberry Kingdom will surely test your skills to the point of almost breaking your spirit!

You can read the original review right here!

What I liked most about this release is the possibility to play with a friend since couch co-op is supported. It did became a little redundant after playing for a while, and the characters were stiff when jumping, but this is a good game to test your skills.


Cloudberry Insane
(Yeah, the difficulty can get pretty much out of hand…)