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[Beyond PlayStation] Overcooked 2 Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Overcooked 2 Review
  • On September 4, 2018

Overcooked! 2 from Ghost Town Games and Team 17 is a colorful and hectic fast-paced cooking party game you need to play on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Overcooked! 2 review!


In Overcooked! 2 you are tasked with saving the Onion Kingdom. The King has, unfortunately, unleashed the Unbread on the land, so you must cook, cook, cook to save everyone before it is too late. The Unbread is a bad, bad thing, so off you will go on a road trip on a food truck, traveling from stage to stage, learning new recipes, combining ingredients to create some fine dishes to complete the orders that come in at a steady and fast pace. Fail to complete an order on time, and you will be penalized.

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The game gets you started with a short tutorial so that you can get the hang of things as you move around the kitchen area, taking ingredients from one place, placing them on a cutting board to chop them up so that you can then plate them or combine them with other ingredients as needed. You’ll get coins for every order you complete, and if you’re good enough, you will also get tips as a bonus. If you want to 100% the game, then you’ll need to get three stars in each level by reaching the specific score milestones for each stage.

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At first you will only need to worry about chopping things and combining a few ingredients, but you will quickly be introduced to having to use pans for some ingredients, frying others in a lot of oil so that they taste just right, using mixers to, well, mix ingredients, and there’s also sushi which, as you can imagine, requires that you cook some rice for the rolls. Sushi rolls will require that you take some seaweed, add steamed rice, and some chopped fish, all in a nice and clean plate so that you can please your patrons.


Something that is very interesting is how you can grab ingredients that haven’t been combined, and throw them around the kitchen so that your teammates, when playing with other people, or towards the other chef that you can control when playing by yourself, to speed up the process… or to, you know, send ingredients to the other half of the kitchen that is out of reach. Several stages in Overcooked! 2 are very dynamic, so you might find yourself riding down a river on a kitchen raft, having to throw around ingredients or running between the two kitchen rafts as they move closer to each other. There’s a fun stage that has you riding around a hot air balloon which, unfortunately, ends up crashing down on another kitchen, mixing thing up!

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As you play you might end up completing some extra secret objectives that will allow you to unlock some secret bonus stages that ramp up the difficulty to 11. These are very fun and even more crazy than the stages you’ll find in the main game, so I suggest that you take on them much, much later in your run so that you have more experience under your belt or else you’ll end up not even getting a single star since the dishes are more complicated, the kitchens are weirder, and the score requirements are much higher.

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While you can play the game with your friends in couch co-op, you can also dive into some online multiplayer sessions. Playing online is just as easy as playing with your friends at home, since it takes less than a minute to find other players who are ready to go. You’ll then each select which of the levels you’d like to play on, or select the random option, and then the game will pick one of the options you’ve each picked and send you in. Playing with others, as long as you each take on one task and stick with it, is a different experience than playing on your own, and it’s something I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Overcooked! 2 Review - 5

I was definitely looking forward to playing Overcooked! 2 on Nintendo Switch, and I’m happy to report that the game did not disappoint. The fast-paced action, the crazy kitchens that change as you go, the new recipes that have you dashing all over the place for the right ingredients, being able to throw said ingredients to maximize the short windows you have for completing each order, playing at home or on the go, and being able to take things online… it all comes together to give us one of the console’s must-have party games.

This Overcooked! 2 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Team17.


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Excellent single-player and multiplayer party game