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[Beyond PlayStation] Cubikolor Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Cubikolor Review

Cubikolor is a fun puzzle game on Nintendo Switch in which you control a multicolored cube. Learn more about this release in our Cubikolor review!


The cube you control has a different color on each side, and the aim is to move the multicolored cube to the lock cube which acts as the exit. You will then progress to the next stage and rinse and repeat over the 150 levels in the game. The first set of levels is easy to complete, but as you progress the difficulty starts to ramp up considerably, but it never feels as if it is an unfair jump.

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As you play different colored cubes will appear and you need to make sure that the cube matches the color shown. For example, if the lock is on an upper floor, then a red cube will be below. You need to make sure the red side of the cube lands on the red cube in the floor in order to move up closer to the lock, and that is where things can get a bit challenging. You need to roll around to find a way to get the color you need to be on the correct side of the cube to unlock your path to success.

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You can move the cube with the left analog stick, and you can change the direction of the camera with the right analog stick to give you a better view – you can zoom in and out with the shoulder button. There is also a “go back” feature set to the B button, in case you’re stuck. This control setup makes it very easy to control your cube so that you can quickly find the best way to solve the puzzle at every stage.

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As you beat the game’s levels you will get ranked on the time it took you to complete it, the number of moves it took you to complete it, and how often you have used the go back feature when you are completely stuck. If you’re good at puzzle games, you might be able to get a Gold medal! But even if you don’t get one the first time you play a stage, you can always go back to try again. I would have liked it if the game had an online leaderboard so that you could compare your performance to other players around the world, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

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Cubikolor is a fun and colorful puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that will prove to be a challenge for even the most skilled of puzzle funs. The 150 levels on offer will slowly but surely ramp up the difficulty as you progress through this colorful and minimalist puzzler. Do you have what it takes to beat every stage with a Gold medal?

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This Cubikolor review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by LIGHTMAZE.


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Fun color-based puzzler