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[Review Revisited] Severed

[Review Revisited] Severed

Seek revenge after the death of your family in this old-school styled first-person dungeon crawler. Check out our Severed review!

Severed (PS Vita) – Release Date Announcement Trailer

Severed was a game I couldn’t put down once I got started. It’s not too long, taking about 8-10 hours to get the Platinum trophy, and it’s a really satisfying experience. This is one of the few games that I think uses the Vita to it’s full potential, and while it has now been ported to other touchscreen devices, it never felt as good as it did on the PS Vita. This is another classic from DrinkBox Studio, and a must-have PlayStation Vita release that you have to play today!

Here is an excerpt of what Ceidz had to say back when he reviewed the game:

Severed is one of the best games I played on the Playstation Vita, period. It features a fantastic world to explore and packs the most entertaining enemy fights I’ve seen in recent gaming memory. A lot of care has been put in this game and the final product shows that this is a very polished product. As for the game length, I achieved the Platinum Trophy in a little less that 8 hours of gameplay, which was perfect for the package.

I already convinced a few of my friends to purchase it today, so don’t hesitate and go and download Severed. It’s awesome and one of the best games on PlayStation Vita!

Check out the original review right here.

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