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[Beyond PlayStation] Detective Gallo Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Detective Gallo Review
  • On September 10, 2018

Detective Gallo is a fun point and click adventure game in which you play as the sarcastic titular gumshoe. Learn more about it in our Detective Gallo review!


A plant murderer is on the loose, and it’s up to the resident detective to solve the heinous murder cases. Can Gallo find the one responsible and bring him/her to justice? Fans of old-school adventures are going to dig this point and click release with its goofy and cartoony hand-drawn art, its dialogues and great voice acting. The puzzles are fun and challenging, without making you feel stressed about finding the solution.

Detective Gallo Review - 1

One of the first NPC’s you will meet is Phil Cloro, your client. He loves his plants, and is also a nervous wreck who cries a lot. Another important NPC is Detective Gallo’s sidekick…. if you can call him that! He is devoid of speech and he is also a cactus, the very aptly named Thorn. Detective Gallo talks to the cactus quite a lot. If Thorn could talk, it would certainly provide an interesting conversation or two. The importance of Thorn will become evident as you play the game, so I won’t spoil it here. You will meet other characters to interact with, such as Candy Bop who runs a candy Shop… and is in love with the main character of the game.

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As you progress through the story you will discover twists at every turn, and you will be kept guessing as to who the plant killer is right up to the end. It would not be fun if you could find out who the killer is right from the start! Detective Gallo is a solid whodunit, since when you think you have enough information to know who the killer is, the game will change something and once again keep you guessing.

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The mechanics are pretty standard for a point and click adventure game that pays homage to what classics in the genre have already done. As Gallo, you will investigate the crime scenes by picking up items, and will need to combine them to use the resulting item to solve a puzzle. You will end up combining items you would think wouldn’t work together. Your brain will certainly get a work out in a fun way!

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Detective Gallo keeps a journal of objectives so that you don’t become lost, and even though there is a hint system available if you do end up getting stuck, it’s not worth using as it doesn’t help you that much. I don’t think you’ll need hints anyway since he puzzles are not like the ones you’d find in the classics in the genre where things were a bit crazy with the items they needed you to combine – things that sometimes didn’t make a lot of sense.

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While Detective Gallo does have some noire themes, it’s a light-hearted and colorful point and click adventure release. The game is entertaining and is of a reasonable length, since you’ll be spending around 5-6 hours playing this adventure from start to finish. I had fun with this point and click game, with how Gallo interacts with other characters, especially with Thorn, and I would definitely be up for playing a sequel to this one as we take on a new mystery!

Detective Gallo Review - 6

This Detective Gallo review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by MixedBag Games.


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