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[PlayStation 4] Cruz Brothers Review

[PlayStation 4] Cruz Brothers Review
  • On September 11, 2018

Cruz Brothers is a different type of boxing game that is now available on PlayStation 4. Learn more about this fighting game in our Cruz Brothers review!


I started my run with Cruz Brothers in Boxer mode, the normal difficulty setting for the game, with Glassjaw, Street Brawler and Professional being the other options for you to select, from easiest to hardest. The game offers a Story Mode, a Championship Mode, a Sparring Mode, Vs. Mode and a Practice Mode, which is very important when taking on a new game so that you can get the hang of things and learn the basics so that you don’t dive into it blindly.

Story Mode offers twelve chapters. The first chapter includes two levels, and levels unlock as you complete other objectives. The story revolves around a guy named Marcus Luz who is a boxing coach. One of his top flight boxers is murdered by Trey Sorrow, the leader of a biker group called the Sons of Subversion. Marcus Luz is offered a chance to save his career by discovering two new potential boxers: Felipe and Igor Cruz. This is where the game’s name comes from, since you need to try and get the Cruz brothers to the top.

The chapters begins with a comic book style cutscene which, leads to a fight of various types, from street fighting to pro boxing. As the story is played out there is some voice acting narrating the story. The voice acting is really unimpressive, and they sound too robotic, as if they were artificially created, and that will definitely hurt the overall experience. The game’s graphics are also not up to par with a PS4 release, even for an indie release.

After taking on a few practices, I learned the ropes and went to have a real fight in Story Mode… and was I in for a big surprise! I tried the same fight on all difficulties and I got absolutely slaughtered every time. The game’s difficulty is very unbalanced and unfair, and the hit detection and overall gameplay felt a bit off. The animations as well are subpar and make the combat look and feel very stiff. The punching lacks the weight it should carry, and all battles are not very enticing.

Overall, it’s hard to recommend Cruz Brothers. The game is bad, and feels rushed and lacking the polish you’d expect from a game on PlayStation 4. There’s a lot of extra work that DFC Studios should have done for the game so that it could be balanced, playable and fun. The voice acting is also terrible and hurts the experience, and I was tempted to play the game without any sound. Avoid this one!

This Cruz Brothers review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by DFC Studios.


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