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[Beyond PlayStation] Pirates: All Aboard! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Pirates: All Aboard! Review
  • On September 19, 2018

Pirates: All Aboard! from QubicGames is a battle party game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Pirates: All Aboard! review!


Pirates: All Aboard! Review - 1

The game’s controls are straightforward to understand thanks to its top-down view. You will move your ship around with the left analog stick and can hold down the X button to gain some extra speed. The R and ZR buttons are used to fire your weapons, or you can use the L and ZL buttons if those suit you better. Those are the basics you’ll need to understand, thanks to how the game is set up – there is no need for any complex button combinations!

Pirates: All Aboard! Review - 2

The game supports four-player local multiplayer, and you can choose from different maps of different sizes, and there is no story mode to speak off. There is a Practice Mode so that you can get the hang for how your ship feels when navigating, and you should definitely check that before you jump into the multiplayer madness that will come from playing in, say, the Deathmatch mode.

Pirates: All Aboard! Review - 3

Unfortunately, the game feels too barebones and is not very fun to play. There isn’t much of a challenge, there are no objectives to aim for… there isn’t much for the game to offer and entice you to come back for more. Considering the maps are of a good size, it seems as if the developer had more ideas for the game that could not be made available. At times, it feels more like a demo than a full game. There is also an Endless Mode, which is basically an endless runner. Everything is automatic, and you have to move your ship to avoid obstacles. Endless Mode is a mini-game that offers a bite-sized bonus experience, and nothing more.

Pirates: All Aboard! Review - 4

Pirates: All Aboard! is one to avoid on Nintendo Switch. It’s too barebones to justify even its budget asking price and doesn’t offer gameplay mechanics that would keep you coming back for more. The game is colorful, and the graphics aren’t bad, and I didn’t run into any bugs or glitches, but those are the only compliments I can give this one.

Pirates: All Aboard! Review - 5

This Pirates: All Aboard! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.


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