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[Beyond PlayStation] Jurassic Pinball Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Jurassic Pinball Review
  • On October 1, 2018

Jurassic Pinball from EnjoyUp Games is a budget virtual pinball machine for the Nintendo Switch with a dinosaur theme. Learn more about it in our Jurassic Pinball review!


Jurassic Pinball Review - 2

This being a pinball machine means the controls are simple and to the point. You control the left flipper with the L button, the right flipper with the R button, and can move down the plunger with the right analog stick to send the ball flying down towards the playing field. You can also move the camera view with the – button, and can shake the table with either the left analog stick, the D-Pad, or the face buttons – just be careful because if you shake the table too much it will tilt and you won’t be able to save your ball.

Jurassic Pinball Review - 6

The table has a couple of ramps at the center and upper left part, marked with a flashy yellow and red combo that will make them hard to miss. The ramps are to be used for making combos to multiply your score, as well as to complete the handful of missions you can take on when you drop the ball at the right place or hit a set of targets to activate a new objective. The lights will flash as you hit the targets on both sides of the screen, and the dinosaurs will scream and move as you increase your score.


You need to hit the ball just right to be able to get it up the ramps, so you’re probably going to lose a couple of balls here and there as you get the hang of things. Once you get in the zone, you’ll be hitting combos of both ramps, activating T-Rex mode in no time as you make all other dinosaurs your prey. There are other modes you can activate as well by landing in the Triceratops’ mouth, by hitting all targets on each side, by spelling out the word P-R-E-Y and more, so while the table at first seems to be a bit on the bland side, it does get better the more you play.

Jurassic Pinball Review - Leaderboards

Along with replaying the table to try and beat your high score, the game also features an online leaderboard so that you can see how you compare against players from all over the world. You will get to see who the top six players are for that table, where you and your friends rank, as well as where you rank with your current score. I was certainly surprised to see an online leaderboard for this one since it’s something that will definitely keep me coming back to play the table as I try to get closer and closer to the top.

Jurassic Pinball Review - 4

Jurassic Pinball is a rather basic pinball table that pays homage to a time when pinball tables were a real thing we used to play in arcades. It’s retro muted color palette, moving dinosaurs and flashy bonus lights will keep you entertained, making this a couple of bucks well spent. There are more pinball tables being released by EnjoyUp Games, so be sure to check out our reviews for them!

Jurassic Pinball Review - 3

This Jurassic Pinball review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by EnjoyUp Games.


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Fun minimalist dinousaur-themed pinball table