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[Beyond PlayStation] My Brother Rabbit Review

[Beyond PlayStation] My Brother Rabbit Review
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My Brother Rabbit from Artifex Mundi is a charming and touching puzzle and hidden object game you cannot miss on the Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our My Brother Rabbit review!


Artifex Mundi is bringing us the lovely experience that is My Brother Rabbit on Nintendo Switch, a game that mixes a child’s imagination with situations in the real world, all in a beautifully crafted adventure and puzzle game. The game starts by showing us a loving family enjoying their afternoon when their daughter suddenly falls ill. While the parents have the responsibility to find her proper treatment, her older brother takes on the task to help her on his own way, using their fantasy world to get through the situation and find some safety in their imaginations.

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The controls are very simple. You use the analog stick to move your cursor, interact with objects with the A button, and use the B button to close something or go back. The Y button is for instructions (in puzzles), the ZL/ZR buttons show you some hints and the + button is to pause the action. See? It’s very easy and straightforward! There’s also a nice feature that lets you know if you have already cleared all the objects of a certain type from the area, which definitley saves you a lot of frustration.

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The puzzles are very nostalgic because they truly work the way a child would think they do. Maybe colors are magical and can heal. Maybe you can use light bugs like lanterns. Maybe ice cream can take care of anything! The only limit is how far the imagination can go. That doesn’t mean they are easy since you will most likely find yourself wondering about where that last part could possibly be, but then, when you finally find it, you’ll be struck with an “Oh, but of course!” moment.

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There’s no dialogue throughout the story, but this doesn’t make it any less engaging. The feelings of the siblings are ever present in their fantasy world, and you can clearly see it in every new land you visit – on top of the little cinematics when traveling through them. It really is a heartwarming story that will leave a warm feeling inside you, touching you in many different ways as you empathize with their situation.

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The lands are very unique and recognizable, separating your journey in a nice way, with a very unique art style that is ought to make you see things through more innocent lenses. The music is very pleasant as well, and very fitting for each location that you will visit. I particularly enjoyed listening to the music building up on its own when interacting with some of the puzzles.


I do have to say that the added rumble seems… a little bit unnecessary at times. Sure, it can help to accentuate some things here and there, but some other times it feels like it was added just because. It’s not to the point where it’s annoying, bu it is a bit odd and something I wanted to mention. Overall, I think this is a fantastic and charming short game, which you can easily get 2 to 3 hours of joy out of, and it’s definitely worth picking up for the experience!

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This My Brother Rabbit review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Artifex Mundi.


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Colorful, fun and charming adventure