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[Beyond PlayStation] Disgaea 1 Complete Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Disgaea 1 Complete Review
Dusk Fox

Disgaea 1 Complete from NIS America has found its way to the Nintendo Switch! Check our Disgaea 1 Complete review to learn all about it!


Have you ever had that one videogame series you keep hearing GREAT things about and that seems like your type of game, but it that has so many games out spanning on so many consoles that you feel like you will never be able to get into it? Well, that was certainly my case with the Disgaea series. When Disgaea 5 Complete arrived on the Nintendo Switch last year, I was very much ready for it, but it felt like it was too big of a bite to chew down from the get go. But now NIS America has given us Disgaea 1 Complete which brings the perfect first step to start your journey in this strategy RPG series!

Disgaea 1 Complete Review - Story

The game sets up the story by telling us about the death of the King of the Netherworld, and how Prince Laharl has just found out after a deep two year nap. By the time he wakes up, some Demon Overlord has taken over the Netherworld, which means he has to go out there to win back his rightful title as the King, accompanied by his underling Etna. The story is full of amusing and comical moments that contributes to a great experience.

Disgaea 1 Complete Review - 1

The game has received a big makeover from its 2003 counterpart. This new 2018 release got a new art style and a new UI, but the gameplay remains true to its original intent. This game is a strategy RPG with turn-based combat over a grid. You control an army of characters you’ll use and to defeat your enemies before they get the best of you. Its mechanics are what you would expect from a strategy game, with a few fun and hilarious features thrown in- literally! Picking up and throwing your allies might seem like a silly idea at first, but it opens endless possibilities for the different strategies you can implement on the battlefield. Just be careful who you throw, dood!

Disgaea 1 Complete Review - 2

The game is perfect for newcomers to the franchise, not only for this being the first installment, but because the tutorial does a wonderful job at breaking down the gameplay mechanics in a fun and easily understandable way. This does not mean fans of the saga won’t enjoy the game – quite the contrary! This is called the Complete version for a reason, with well above 90 hours of content for completionists, including Etna Mode! Etna Mode will give you a way into an alternate tale in which Etna ends up killing Laharl, so she becomes the main character! Oh, and what a joy this game will be those who love to grind since each stage offers extra bonuses for coming back and beating them over and over again!

DISGAEA 1 COMPLETE_20180622143558[/caption]

If you are a fan of the strategy RPG genre, this game will give you a lot of bang for your buck, and is set as the perfect beginning for you to take on the entire series! Disgaea 1 Complete is an absolutely remarkable remake of an excellent game, which you now get to enjoy at home and on the go on the Nintendo Switch. The game might not be for everyone, but that’s a burden most games of the genre carry, but is certainly an amazing release!

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This Disgaea 1 Complete review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by NIS America.


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Excellent strategy RPG now on Nintendo Switch