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[Beyond PlayStation] Frost Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Frost Review

Make it through the tundra with a group of survivors while you look for shelter as the impending frost is coming to get you. Learn more in our Frost review!


Frost trailer (Switch)

Frost is a deck-building, solo survival card game set on a harsh, frozen world ravaged by a lethal storm. You must lead a group of nomads in search of the Refuge – a haven away from the Frost’s icy grip.

As well as the unrelenting threat of the Frost, your arduous trek will be fraught with many other dangers, such as wolves, cannibals, hunger, and fatigue. Manage your cards wisely to stay alive and make it all the way to the Refuge.

Key features

Challenging survival deck-building gameplay, requiring anticipation, strategy, and memory
Dozens of cards to discover – card types include resources, weapons, ideas, dangers and regions
An intriguing and immersive world
Beautiful hand-drawn artwork
Hours of gameplay with difficulty modes, endless mode, scenarios and new cards to unlock
Encounter many different characters and make use of their abilities

Frost is a deck-based survival game now available on Nintendo Switch. The game’s goal is simple: survive by staying ahead of the frost, which is always chasing you. Keep your group alive, scavenge for resources, and try to make it to the end of a run so that you can find the shelter that you need in this harsh reality.

Frost Review - 1

You are given a hand with a set number of cards, with cards for survivors, resources, food, and more, and you are shown what requirements you need to meet to move to the next region. For instance, you may need to use two survivor cards and a resource, and if you have them in your hand, you can immediately move to the next area. If not, you may need to rest, draw some new cards that might give you what you need, or reshuffle your hand – although you need to be very careful since resting will allow the frost to come closer. There is a counter at the top of the screen letting you know how close it is, and while it starts at 8, if it gets to zero you will be dead.

You will find dangers in each region, things such as wolves which can damage you and lower your hit points. You will need to kill these wolves because if you try to move to the next region without dealing with them, you will take some damage. This is where idea cards come in, as they are special cards that you can activate by meeting their requirements to craft new cards that can aid you on your journey. Once you clear the obstacle, you can then finally move on and keep trying to find the shelter you need. It’s an interesting dynamic in the game as you always need to be pushing forward while also juggling each of the situations you take on.

Frost Review - 2

The tutorial mode, which I definitely suggest you play first or you will be as lost in the tundra as the group of survivors you are taking care of. After that, you can play classic mode and see how far you can make it. The game can be quite difficult as it is luck-based, as is the case for most strategy deck games. Sometimes, no matter how well you are doing, you aren’t going to draw the cards you need to move forward and will succumb to the frost. Because of this, the game is very replayable. Individual games aren’t long either, which is why it is great for Nintendo Switch where you can take on shorter play sessions either at home or on the go.

The game has a very chilly art style. It’s a very minimalist look that focuses on the designs outlines, with lots of whites and greys that perfectly match the setting and the desperation you’d feel if you found yourself in this harsh scenario. The music also feels like its the perfect match for the tense problems you’re going to face, as it conveys a very desperate and lonely aura – it makes you feel isolated in the cold, which is perfect for this game.

Frost Review - 3

Final Thoughts

Frost is an interesting game overall. It’s a well designed and different type of deck-based game. I initially thought it would be more akin to, say, a Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone, but this is you vs. the elements with looming death always right behind you. The game’s gameplay mechanics work, making for a very entertaining game with a solid design, as long as you have the patience to learn from your mistakes as you find out how each card works for and against you.

This Frost review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Digerati.


Review Overview

An interesting card game on Nintendo Switch