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[PlayStation 4] Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Review

[PlayStation 4] Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Review
  • On October 4, 2018

Jettomero from Ghost Time Games is a game in which you take control of the giant, titular robot as you explore a procedurally generated universe. Learn more in our Jettomero review!


You start the game with an amnesiac Jettomero that can’t recall its name or its purpose. The game will then get you going with a short tutorial. You will walk around with the left analog stick and can turn the camera around with the right analog stick. The bigger the distance that Jettomero walks in one go, the faster he will accelerate. You can zoom out with the L1 button and can zoom in with the R1 button. You will need to collect yellow crystals to fill up your fuel gauge, and once you have enough fuel, you’ll be able to launch from the planet with the R2 button. Use the L3 button to scan the universe once you’re flying so that you can see where you’ve already been and where you can go to next.

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As you explore each planet, you will need to be careful as to not step over the different structures, since you are a giant and clumsy red robot walking over small people and their homes. Planets will have some red beacons you can spot from a distance, and once you’re closer to them, you should use the D-pad to stomp on the ground to find one of the many robot pieces you can collect.

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On some planets, you will run into a large monster that you will need to battle. You will need to press the buttons that show up on the screen to be able to use Jettomero’s lasers to defeat the monsters. If you fail a sequence, then Jettomero will stumble, and if time runs out, you will fail the fight. If you win, you will gain access to a new database entry that you will need to decrypt. If you follow the instructions, you will uncover a mystery phrase that will allow you to learn more about Jettomero. Using the left analog stick, you will be able to uncover the message that ties to the story sequence it contains.

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This is the gameplay cycle you will take on, finding beacons, stomping to find a robot piece, and searching for monsters to defeat so that you can unlock more of the game’s backstory. You’ll then grab enough yellow crystals for liftoff so that you can aim at exploring another planet in the current area, and smash through asteroids to get some extra fuel. When all planets in an area have been explored, you’ll need to find a wormhole to travel to the next area.

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If you’re looking for a different type of indie game on PlayStation 4, then Jettomero certainly fits that. It’s short and to the point, a game that you can easily complete in one afternoon as you take on the journey that Jettomero has to go through to find its purpose in this universe.

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This Jettomero review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ghost Time Games.


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Fun and charming indie release