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[Beyond PlayStation] Mummy Pinball Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Mummy Pinball Review
  • On October 8, 2018

Are you ready for a new budget pinball release from EnjoyUp Games on Nintendo Switch? Then it’s time for you to check out Mummy Pinball review!


Mummy Pinball Review - 1

Before I start to talk about the table itself, let’s quickly go over the game’s controls. You will move the left flipper by pressing the L button, and you can move the right flipper by pressing the R button. The plunger is moved with the right analog stick by pulling down on the stick so to pull on the plunger, and depending on how much you pull it the ball will either end up at the top of the table or will land in the skill shot area for a score bonus. The camera view can be switch by pressing the – button, and if needed you can give the table a nudge with the left analog stick, the D-Pad, or the face buttons.

Mummy Pinball Review - 2

As you can probably guess from the table’s name, this one is all about the mummy and the corresponding ancient Egyptian setting. The pinball table features a very good looking mummy right in the middle, a pyramid in one corner, an ancient Egyptian bust next to it, some torches on the side of the pinball table, a tomb, a standing mummy, a sarcophagus and other details showcasing what most would associate with something related to mummies and ancient times.

Mummy Pinball Review - 3

There are two ramps in the table, and you can send the ball into the tomb for some bonus points and activate some missions for you to complete. There’s the chance of getting an extra ball for your count, and you can combo the ramps if you time things right to get a massive point bonus. It’s a very active table and a fun one to play that is certainly better than the previous Jurassic Pinball and World Soccer Pinball tables. The one complaint I’d have about this table is that when you don’t hit the ramp in the middles just right, the ball is going to come flying back down right the middle of the table, and unless you give it a small nudge, without tilting the table, then you’re going to lose your ball.

Mummy Pinball Review - Leaderboards

And as was the case for Jurassic Pinball and World Soccer Pinball before it, Mummy Pinball also has an online leaderboard that allows you to see how you stack up against your friends and the world. Practice makes perfect, and the more you play Mummy Pinball, the more acquainted you’ll get with its nuances, missions, combo options, and targets so that you can maximize your scoring potential.

Mummy Pinball Review - 4

For only two dollars you can add a new budget pinball table to your Nintendo Switch collection. EnjoyUp Games got this batch started with Jurassic Pinball and World Soccer Pinball, and each table has improved on the overall feel of the presentation and the gameplay mechanics, and Mummy Pinball is so far the best out of the lot, so be sure to check it out!

This Mummy Pinball review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by EnjoyUp Games.


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Fun and fast-paced pinball table