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[PlayStation 4] Khara The Game Review

[PlayStation 4] Khara The Game Review
  • On October 8, 2018

Khara The Game from Spanish indie team DNA Softworks is a charming action adventure now on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Khara The Game review!


The game’s story begins when Khara and her father, who were out on the ocean in a small boat, end up shipwrecked on an unknown island. They’re both knocked out by the impact, and as Khara regains her consciousness, she witnesses how a pair of golems decide to take her father away. This sparks her to embark on a journey to free her father and find out where they are and how to get out of there!

Khara The Game Review - 1

At first, you will only be able to run around with the left analog stick, jump with the X button and crouch with the L3 button. After playing for a few minutes, you will be told that you are in Atlantis, and will be given access to some magical water powers. Thanks to this, you will be able to aim by holding down the L2 trigger and shoot with the R2 trigger – you can also do a quick shot by pressing the R2 trigger on its own. You will also get to dodge incoming attacks by pressing the Circle button – this will make Khara dash as she transforms and disappears for an instant. You will later gain more powers, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise!

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You can also attack enemies with the Square button for a fast attack or use the Triangle button for a heavy attack, and you can also charge each corresponding attack by holding down the Square or Triangle buttons. There is also the option of doing an aerial attack by first jumping and then pressing the Triangle button, which will send Khara up so that she can come down hard on enemies, dealing them considerable damage.


Your water shots will usually be for activating triggers to open paths for you to explore, but you can certainly also use them during battle. Speaking of opening new paths, the classic push/pull a block gameplay mechanic is certainly part of this game, and doing this will let you gain access to new areas either by using the blocks to trigger plates, by using them to illuminate pieces of a larger puzzle, or by moving a block or two here and there to get to a platform that would otherwise be out of reach. There are other types of puzzles you’ll get to solve with the new powers you get, which are introduced at a steady pace.

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The game has a few boss battles in which you will have to face some considerably large entity. Each one has a distinct movement and attack pattern, so you’ll need to pay attention so that you can learn what they are. Each boss has two health bars, and once you lower the first bar, the boss will change its movement and attack patterns will change a bit, so you’ll once again need to pay attention to things so that you’re not caught off guard. A couple of hits might be enough to drain all of Khara’s health, so be ready!

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This one includes a full trophy list with a Platinum at the end of the road, and the best news is that none of the trophies are missable! You’ll be spending around 2-3 hours at most getting all the trophies for the game at a very steady pace, with several Silver and Gold trophies to add to your collection. No missables means you can enjoy your time with the game at your own pace!

Khara The Game Review - 5

Khara is a fun indie action adventure that you can complete in an afternoon. It’s a good effort from DNA Softworks that gives us a game that is a bit linear, but the overall experience is certainly entertaining. I definitely look forward to seeing what the studio has to offer for their next project.

This Khara The Game review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provide by DNA Softworks.


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Charming, fun and short action adventure