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[Beyond PlayStation] Shio Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Shio Review

Shio is an interesting 2D action platformer on Nintendo Switch from Coconut Island Games that you should check out. Find out why in our Shio review!


Before you begin, you’ll have two difficulty options to choose from. There’s Shallow Sleep setting, which is the easiest of the two options, and it will keep you from being able to enter the hidden challenge levels – stages that do their name justice. And then there’s Deep Sleep which will take you into the harder overall experience so that you can explore all over the place in search of the challenge levels that will test your skills to their fullest. Knowing that, be sure to select the difficulty that best suits your skill level so that you can enjoy the game.

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Shio is a 2D platformer with a very specific flow and feel. You will be running around, jumping and hitting the many lanterns in your path so that you can use them to launch yourself higher and further up your journey. The overall experience is definitely not a casual adventure, but luckily the game has a lot of very generous checkpoints which activate when you pass a special lamppost, and they’re usually right before a new platforming section so that if you fail, you can try over and over again. Shio is a huge deathtrap of a game that will require you to enter a Zen-like state of mind, so be ready!

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You play as a masked hero who is searching for his dream, looking for any clues to his past. He can talk to the various NPC that will offer some advice for his journey, read noticeboards, collect letters, journal entries, and more. The Shallow Deep difficulty setting has 54 collectibles in total for you to find, while the more difficult Deep Sleep has 70 collectibles. As you can see, the higher the difficulty setting you select, the more stuff you’ll be able to search for, thus increasing the overall time you’ll spend playing the game.

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Shio can run and Jump with the A button, and with his trusty lantern by his side, Shio can activate other lanterns by once again pressing the A button, thus allowing him to gain an extra jump boost with every lantern he activates. There are other varieties of lanterns to consider, such as the broken lanterns that give you half a jump boost, lanterns that are alternating which require some precise timing for you to hit them at the right time, while others need to be hit many times so that they can open up new paths. Lanterns are the main gameplay mechanic in the game, so you better get used to it or else you’re going to end up falling into spikes, hitting spinning blades, and more!

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Shio feels very much like a game aimed at the speedrunning community due to how each level is presented, how you can just keep going from section to section non-stop to get the lowest time possible on each part of a level – which is registered in the lamp post that saves your progress – as you aim at improving on your overall time for the level and the game. There is tons of trial and error involved in this game, so to be able to get a better time you’ll first need to learn how section works. You can replay sections of a level, or full levels, which is great for finding any hidden challenge stages you might have missed.

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Shio is a fun but challenging 2D platformer on Nintendo Switch that is worth a try. Graphics-wise the game is really beautiful, the controls work flawlessly, and once you find yourself “in the zone” you’ll be taking on each section of the game non-stop as you learn more about what is really going on in this adventure.

This Shio review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Coconut Island Games.


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Great looking and challenging 2D platformer