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[Beyond PlayStation] Werewolf Pinball Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Werewolf Pinball Review
  • On October 10, 2018

It’s time to check out a new budget pinball table from EnjoyUp Games on Nintendo Switch! Come learn more about this one in our Werewolf Pinball review!


Werewolf Pinball Review - 1

Pinball tables are usually very easy to play since all you need to worry about is moving the flippers on either side of the table to nudge the ball in the direction you want it to move. For Werewolf Pinball, this is all handled by the L and R buttons – you can also use the ZL and ZR buttons for the same purpose. The plunger that sends the ball into the playing area is controlled with the right analog stick, so you’ll need to pull on it and release it to use the plunger on the pinball table. Other than that, you can move the table with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, but you need to be careful since if you move it too much, the table will tilt, rendering the flippers unusable, thus forcing you to lose a ball.

Werewolf Pinball Review - 2

Werewolf Pinball includes a werewolf in the middle of the table to drive the point home, and the sides of the table have a dark and creepy forest on one side and a set of houses from a village at night on the left side. There are also a couple of ramps on the left side of the table, a set of bumpers at the center top – which is where your ball drops when you first shoot it into the playing area, some targets on the right side, and one of the houses on the left side has a hole you can shoot the ball into for some bonuses.

Werewolf Pinball Review - 3

Hitting the bumpers X number of times will allow you to increase your scoring multiplier. You will lose this multiplier if you lose your ball, so keeping the ball in play as you try to hit the bumpers as much as possible is the way to go. You can activate a few missions to complete on this table, and you’ll need to time your shots, so you hit the ball just right to be able to send it up the path, or ramp, you need to take the ball to in order to complete the mission. The way the table works and its layout make this one feel the most out of the group that plays like a real pinball table.

Werewolf Pinball Review - Leaderboards

Werewolf Pinball also includes an online leaderboard, but if you’re aiming at cracking the top 5, then you’re going to need a lot of practice so that you can learn the table forwards and backwards, and to get good because the top scores are in the low six digits. You can probably imagine by now how much you’re going to have to play the table to learn how everything it has to offer works because otherwise, you’re only going to be competing against your friends’ scores for better odds.

Werewolf Pinball Review - 4

Out of all four current pinball tables from EnjoyUp Games, I’d definitely recommend Werewolf Pinball as the best one from this group. The game looks and feels great, and is more closely related to what you’d expect from real pinball tables at an arcade. Let me know how you do once you start playing his one!

This Werewolf Pinball review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by EnjoyUp Games.


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Very fun budget pinball table