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[Review Revisited] The Swindle

[Review Revisited] The Swindle

Play a cat & mouse game with Scotland Yard, as you attempt to liberate “The Devil’s Basilisk” from their possession. Check out our The Swindle review!

The Swindle – Launch Trailer | PS4, PS3, PS Vita

The Swindle is an interesting procedurally generated roguelite thievery game. You must break into Scotland Yard and abscond with treasure. What makes this game challenging is the risk-reward system since as you try to get more money the danger will increase considerably and if you die you lose it all. Once you start upgrading your character the game really picks up the pace, making for a fun gameplay cycle.

Here is an excerpt of what I had to say back when I reviewed the game:

The Swindle is a good game. It’s steep learning curve does get in the way right after starting the game, and the RPG progression system sometimes doesn’t make you feel like you have a true choice when selecting upgrades It does show it’s upsides in its tight gameplay mechanics and how fun it is once you get going.

Check out the original review right here.

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