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[PS4] Star Wars Pinball: Solo Pack Review

[PS4] Star Wars Pinball: Solo Pack Review

Are you ready to dive into some new Star Wars pinball tables for Pinball FX3? Then you should come check out our Star Wars Pinball: Solo review!


The latest Star Wars pinball table pack consists of three new tables: Solo, Calrissian Chronicles, and Battle of Mimban. The Solo table revolves around Han Solo and Chewbacca who need to defeat multiple enemies, and if you’re good enough, you’ll get to do a mini-game in which you’ll get to see the Millennium Falcon take off with some really good animations in this great looking pinball table. This is fast-paced pinball table, and it’s one that fans of the main Star Wars movies will feel more at home in since they’ll know all of the characters you’ll get to interact with

The Carlrissian Chronicles, as you can probably tell from its name, revolves around Lando Calrissian. Every time you play the table, Lando will comment on your performance which is a nice touch. Everything you see and do is based on the life and career of Lando, and the table is very open and clean – it’s probably the cleanest one in the pack which makes it easier to rack up some seriously high scores compared to the other two. There is plenty to do, lots of animated reactions from characters, and plenty of mini-games to activate if you hit the right bumpers and ramps in sequence.

Battle of Mimban is a very fast-paced pinball table and the final entry in this triple pack. You have the AT-AT hybrid in the middle with a spaceship hovering over that delivers your replacement ball for you to shoot once again. The visuals are a delight, as you see how your ball hits the various bumpers and other structures on the table. As expected, the core gameplay mechanic is the same as for other pinball tables since you need to hit the bumpers and combo ramps to play the mini-games included in the table to score big. One of the big ones happens during nightfall with a stealth version of the table that changes how you approach things.

The Star Wars Pinball: Solo table pack is a must-have for pinball fans in general, and even more so for Star Wars fans. Previous pinball packs have focused on other eras of the Star Wars mythos, and now it’s the turn of the Solo story. I had a lot of fun playing all three tables, as they all have solid designs and plenty of objectives to complete that kept me coming back for more.

This Star Wars Pinball: Solo review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Zen Studios


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Very fun new set of Star Wars pinball tables