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[Beyond PlayStation] Red’s Kingdom Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Red’s Kingdom Review

Red’s Kingdom is an amazing and very addictive puzzler from Cobra Mobile and Rising Star Games that you have to check out on Nintendo Switch. Come check our Red’s Kingdom review!


I want to start by saying that had a blast playing the game. It is a very colorful and charming release in which the core gameplay mechanic has you sliding the titular Red around each screen in the game, and each of said screens is a puzzle in itself. You will slide around on an invisible grid, hitting objects to be able to change directions, grabbing items and attacking enemies. The control setup is inverted by default, which to me felt weird, so be sure to check if changing that in the options menu provides you with a better experience during your time with this wonderfully quirky little puzzler.

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Red’s fortune of nuts is stolen by Mad King Max for taxation purposes, which certainly makes Red very angry. He decides he’s had enough, and that it is time for him to set out on a quest to reclaim what is his. The game will get you going with a tutorial that is very intuitive, so you will pick up on the gameplay mechanics as you go. In order to progress in the game, you will need to solve the many mini-puzzles in the game, searching for keys to open doors, using ramps to get to seemingly out-of-reach spots, flicking switches and more. Puzzles are quite varied but not overly taxing, so you won’t ever feel overwhelmed – other than maybe a puzzle or two that might leave you scratching your head for a bit.

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Every puzzle has a different feel, and each small conundrum you solve will add to your skill set so that when you take on the next puzzle, you’ll tackle it in a different way with the new knowledge you’ve gained. Ramps help to spice things up, a switch might introduce a timed challenge, and an enemy might be blocking your path, challenging you to risk receiving damage if you don’t time things right, thus temporally ending your run. The good news is that checkpoints are very generous, so you won’t end up losing much progress. As you progress through Red’s Kingdom, you will also need to keep in mind the hazards around you, such as lava which, as expected, is very bad for your health.

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The game was first released on mobile, and this isometric Metroidvania/puzzle game has been perfectly ported to the Nintendo Switch, feeling right at home on Nintendo’s hybrid console as if it was always intended for release on Nintendo’s latest hardware. You’d be mistaken to think that the fact that this game was originally released for mobile means it’s a short adventure since this is anything but. You’re looking at roughly 5-7 hours for completing the game, with a bit extra on top if you want to 100% it. Red’s Kingdom is available right now on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s definitely worth your time and hard-earned money, so what are you waiting for? Go and download the game today!

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This Red’s Kingdom review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rising Star Games.


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Very fun and colorful isometric puzzle Metroidvania