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[Review Revisited] Final Fantasy XIII-2

[Review Revisited] Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • On October 21, 2018

I thought now would be a perfect time to revisit Final Fantasy XIII-2, which I reviewed almost seven years ago (time flies!). Final Fantasy XIII-2 follows the story of Serah -Lightning’s sister- and Noel -the last man who ever lived- in their struggle to save the world from destruction, 700 years in the future.

You can read the original review right here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a good RPG that featured a lot of different eras and alternates timelines to explore, and I think this was its greatest asset. As a whole, the story was confusing if you didn’t reach all the eras, but the gameplay was good enough to make me get its platinum trophy!

All in all, Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a very good game but looking back on it, I admit that I scored that game too high (it was my first review ever), so I don’t think the 92% I gave it back then still holds up today. If I were to review this game again, I think an 82% score would be more accurate!

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