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[Beyond PlayStation] Monster Loves You Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Monster Loves You Review
  • On October 22, 2018

Monster Loves You is a colorful and charming text-based adventure on Nintendo Switch that you should check out. Learn more about it in our Monster Loves You review!


Monster Loves You tasks you with helping a monster live, from the moment it emerges from the slime vats to the moment when it is not to live anymore. You’ll get to do this in the village of Omen, along with the monster you will interact with. Monster Loves You feels a bit like a choose your own adventure book since the actions you take will impact the ending you get, as well as the journey leading up to said ending. Monster and humans will collide in this story-book looking release, and you might be the key to solving all of it!

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There are five stats you can increase with your actions. First is bravery which determines your capacity to overcome fear and intimidation, and you gain it by being courageous. Cleverness is for how strong your mind is, and it will help you to find non-violent solutions to problems. Ferocity is how determinedly evil you are, and it will increase with actions such as, say, using your deadly claws to tear a wolf apart. Honesty is for how truthful you are, committing to loyalty and justice. Stats will increase or decrease from the actions and choices you make, and there will be some dialogue options and actions that will require a high value in this or that stat, so you won’t be able to experience all branching options in a single run.

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At the upper left part of the screen, you will see a meter that shows how much respect you have. Respect is gained by impressing other monsters so that they end up talking about how awesomely good you are. Respect is important as your monster grows up into adulthood since it will impact how much power you will wield later in the game.

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You can choose your adventure from the available options, and the actions you take and the choices you make will shape up how your monster. Each adventure is a short interaction with other characters, and it will provide you with some information on what is going on to then give you the option to say or do something. As you select and complete adventures time will pass, and you will have fewer days left before you grow and enter a new part of the game. You will move to adolescence once the first round is over, and once that part is completed, you will become an adult. And after that, there isn’t much to do before your time ends, which means you will either dissolve back into the vat from which you were born or end up ascending and becoming an elder.

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Monster Loves You is a charming and minimalist story-book style adventure. It is heavy on the text, so if you’re not into games such as visual novels, then you’re not going to enjoy this one. Each run is going to take around 30 minutes or so, and if you want to 100% the game, you will need to get all 14 endings that the game has to offer. Be sure to check this one out!

This Monster Loves You review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Radial Games.


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Fun and minimalist text-based adventure