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[PlayStation Vita] Halloween Forever Review

[PlayStation Vita] Halloween Forever Review
  • On October 30, 2018

Halloween Forever is a new 2D action platformer on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita from Poppy Works and Imaginary Monsters. Learn more about it in our Halloween Forever review!


Halloween Forever – Launch Trailer

In Halloween Forever, you are tasked with destroying enemies in a relatively basic 8-bit-esque platformer setup, defeating bosses at the end of each level, on your path to reaching the last stage and defeating the big and nasty final boss. In each level, you’ll encounter bats, crows, skeletons and other Halloween-themed monsters, which can be defeated by pressing the action button to fire a projectile at your enemies.

Halloween Forever Review

As you’re beginning your quest, you’ll have to select which character you want to play with. At first, you have only two characters available but more unlocks as you find them scattered in the various dungeons. Once a new character is found he can be selected at the beginning of your next run, and as a nice bonus, if you get back to a secret room where you found one of those hidden characters in a following run, you’ll obtain a Halloween pumpkin which nets you a new life. Each character has similar powers but different strength.

Halloween Forever Review

The level design is simple, and I really liked how “lively” the backgrounds were in their Halloween theme. There are many different paths that can be taken in the different levels, but there is also a LOT of unavoidable pitfalls the first time you get through levels as you don’t know where you can fall without getting hurt. As you progress and get to learn the levels, you’ll eventually know where they are and can bet better the next time. Speaking of which, I realized how much farther I was able to get in each game because after losing all your lives, it’s all the way back to the beginning.

This game takes heavy inspiration from the original Castlevania from back on the NES, and it is something that makes it a good game. The difficulty is not immensely high, as you’ll get to learn from your mistakes for subsequent runs, but I was still surprised at how some specific spots felt harder than they should be. Also, the monsters often drop hearts which you should keep an eye out for since they help to replenish your health.

Halloween Forever Review

On the PlayStation Vita, the presentation of this game is top-notch, with vibrant colors on the OLED screen. The soundtrack was of varying quality, completely presented with 8-bit chiptunes. The first level’s soundtrack was annoying in the long run, but later stages were better to listen too. The controls were crisp and very reactive, which is a must in a retro-style platformer. The difficulty can be altered not by selecting “easy” or “medium” like we usually do, but by toggling options that allow you to activate or deactivate individual handicaps. Be careful however because the “99 lives” perk disables trophies. Speaking of that, Halloween Forever has a full trophy list including a Platinum, so you’ll have a lot of objectives to complete on your road to adding a new Platinum to your collection!

Halloween Forever Review


Final Thoughts
It had been a while since I played a game on my PlayStation Vita, and I congratulate the developer for supporting a platform that is near and dear to me. This is a great Halloween themed-game that will give you several hours of fun as you try to unlock all characters and 100% the game.

PSN Game Size: 20MB

Price: $5.99

This Halloween Forever review is based on a PlayStation 4 code provided by Poppy Works.


Review Overview

Good Halloween-themed release.