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[Beyond PlayStation] Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Wizard Fire Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Wizard Fire Review

Wizard Fire is an action arcade game and a sequel to Gate of Doom. It fun and has graphics that still hold up to this day. Learn more in our Wizard Fire review!


As I mentioned, Wizard Fire is a direct sequel to Gate of Doom, which means that some of the heroes from the first game return for the sequel. The story follows the five heroes of Gaul who are known as the Shining Knights of the Wizard Fire. They fight for the peace of their world, and must therefore take on an Overlord known as Volov who has decided to raise an army of undead zombies by using the power of the Dragon Shrine.

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The controls are easy to pick up and play since you only need to worry about using one button for attacking and one for casting magic spells. The game itself is played in an isometric view so you have complete view of the entire area you are in. Yhis is one of the main reasons I like Isometric view games since you’re not caught by surprise and can always prepare a bit for the situation at hand. Combat is in real-time, so you’ll be hacking and slashing at monsters to try and make it to the stage’ boss.

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Wizard Fire also offers some minor roleplaying elements since you can increase your character’s speed, magic power and strength by collecting items, weapons and armor to boost your stats. The longer you manage to stay alive and the more loot you collect, the better your odds of becoming an overpowered hero. Your heroes also have some passive abilities that help to set them apart, and you can also improve some of these such as the aforementioned speed as well as your poison resistance.

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If you want to play the game solo then you can certainly do that, but you can also take on this adventure by playing along with a friend in co-op. If you’re going at it alone I’d suggest you use the Knight since he’s the best overall character and his attack combo can cover a wide area, taking down several of your opponents if you time things right. You can of course pick any character you feel comfortable with, so be sure to experiment with each hero to see which one is a better fit for your playing style.

As has been the case for other releases in the Johnny Turbo’s Arcade series, there are some extra features included for Wizard Fire so that you can change the aspect ratio so that you can either play in 4:3 with black bars around the screen or to fill the entire screen in 16:4. You can also change the filters to make the image look like it would in an arcade machine back in the day, as well as some other filters that can give it a washed out “playing through a VCR” sorta vibe.

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Wizard Fire is out now on the Nintendo Switch. If you liked Gate of Doom, then you definitely need to get this improved and enhanced sequel that will hit you with bags of nostalgia in one go. Are you up for the challenge of taking down Volov and save the world?

This Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Wizard Fire review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Flying Tiger Entertainment.


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Solid arcade action adventure