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[PlayStation 4] Flynn And Freckles Review

[PlayStation 4] Flynn And Freckles Review
  • On November 7, 2018

Flynn and Freckles is an indie third-person action platformer on PlayStation 4 from Rookie Hero Games. Learn more about it in our Flynn and Freckles review!


Many ages ago there was a special treasure, a Golden Banana, that could give he who claimed it immense power. Captain Freckles was the one that got the item, and it allowed him to become the most powerful pirate in the seven seas. Unfortunately, the banana’s power came at a cost, and after Captain Freckles went missing, along with the Golden Banana, legends started to form around him. It was said that his sword was left behind somewhere, hidden, waiting for someone to use its power. You play as Flynn, a small-time pirate who is about to embark on a big adventure.

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You will run around with the left analog stick and can move the camera around with the right analog stick. The X button is for jumping, and you can later double jump by pressing the X button again. You can also dahs out of the way by pressing the Circle button, helping you get some distance between you and danger with a quick roll. The Square button is for attacking, and you can also hold the button down to charge up and release it to perform a spin attack. And last but not least, the R1 button is used for cocobombs.

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As you explore each area, you will need to complete some short puzzle sequences. For example, to get started, you will need to give a pirate a dragon egg that has been hidden away by another pirate. The egg is inside of a cave early, and to get inside you will need a lantern. To get the lantern you will need to trade a piece of cake for it, but to get the cake you will first need to catch three chicken and bring them back to her owner. Once inside the cave, you need to use a cannon to blast a hole in a stone column, but to do this, you need to find some gunpowder inside the cave. Once you have it and open the way, you’ll ride some swinging platform to get to a key to open the door that leads to the dragon egg.

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As for the game’s trophies, Flynn and Freckles includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. There are several story-related trophies that can’t be missed, but the rest of the trophies you need to work on as soon as possible since they are very much missable. There are trophies for cutting a ton of grass, as well as trophies for killing chickens (how The Legend of Zelda, right?). There are also three trophies related to the totems you will find in your quest, and you will need to find one, ten and then all 18 totems in the game to unlock the trio of trophies. Since you can’t backtrack and there is no chapter select, you should always keep your eyes open to find the totem as soon as possible. You will also need to collect a ton of coins to unlock all coin-related trophies, so be sure to cut all grass and open all treasure chests you run into!

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If you’re looking for a relaxed 3D action platformer, then Flynn and Freckles might be what you need to scratch that itch. This budget release is available on PlayStation 4 for only $19.99, and it will keep you busy for around 5-7 hours depending on how good you are at locating all golden totems in the game.

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This Flynn and Freckles review is based on a PlayStation 4 provided by Rookie Hero Games.


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Fun and simple 3D action platformer