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[Beyond PlayStation] Marble It Up! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Marble It Up! Review
  • On November 8, 2018

Marble It Up! is a colorful and fast-paced platformer on Nintendo Switch where you roll a sphere from Point A to Point B. Learn more about it in our Marble It Up! review!


In Marble It Up! you are tasked with rolling a marble from the starting point to the exit portal in one piece. Stages will introduce new elements for you to stay on high alert at all times, with things such as moving platforms, sections of the track without barriers, bumpers that will send you flying in the opposite direction you’re moving in, platforming sections that will require that you make the most of the built up momentum of your marble, and more.

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The controls for Marble It Up! are very easy to understand. You move with the left analog stick, look around with the right analog stick and jump with the B button or the ZL button. You can use your power-up with the Y button or the ZR button. There is also the option to rewind time with the X button, but for this, you need to activate the function in the options menu, but you should know that doing so will disable high scores and unlocks. You can restart a stage by pressing the – button if needed.

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The game will kick things in its first chapter that will serve as an extended tutorial to teach you the basics for the game. As you play you will learn how to roll, turn and jump, how some stages will have precious gems you need to collect before you can get to the exit, or how there are some starry surfaces that change gravity and allow you to roll up as if you were rolling on the floor, or how to use power-ups. There are also some stages with checkpoints from which you can respawn if you fall from the track. You will also learn that completing a stage within a specific time limit will earn you a medal and that you will need a certain number of medals to be able to unlock the next chapter in the game.

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As you play the game and manage to collect silver and gold medals for completing each stage under the corresponding time limit, you will get to unlock different skins to use for your marble. You start with the Swirl, but can unlock other skins such as Pure Steel, Glass, Smile, Brass, Split Refraction, Zebra, Black Hole, Cobalt Jaws, Curvy, Frostbite, Gears, Triangulated, Raspberry, Psychedelic, Plasma, Lava, Killer Bee, Ancient Puzzle, Cats Eye, Diamonds, Ectoplasm, Eyeball, Liquid Gold, and many more. There are over 50 skins to unlock, so if you want to 100% the game, you’ll probably have to replay some stages here and there to get all silver and gold medals in each of the chapters.

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Marble It Up! is a fun rolling platformer on Nintendo Switch that is easy to get the hang off and very addictive. There’s plenty of content to enjoy in the game right now, but the developers have announced they will be working on a multiplayer mode that will be added to the game, as well as extra levels created by the community that will be made available as free downloadable packs.

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This Marble It Up! Review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Marble It Up!


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Fun rolling marble puzzler