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[Beyond PlayStation] PAW Patrol: On a Roll! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] PAW Patrol: On a Roll! Review
  • On November 15, 2018

PAW Patrol has finally made its way to consoles! Learn more about this colorful release in our PAW Patrol: On a Roll! review!


PAW Patrol is a CGI animated show that has been around for five years now. In it, Ryder assigns missions to original pups Zuma, Chase, Skye, Rubble, Marshall, Rockie, as well as relative newcomers Everest and Tracker. They set out to solve problems and save everyone on Adventure Bat, using their talents and skills to save the day. Fans of the show both young and young at heart, are going to dig this relatively straightforward but fun game.

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The first stage will allow you to learn the basics as it shows you what you can do. You can move your pups with the left analog stick and can jump by pressing the B button. If you press this button again while in the air you will do a second jump to gain more height. Each pup has a set of skills you can use by pressing the Y, X, and A buttons depending on which skill you need to use – and you’ll only be able to use these skills at specific spots in each level.

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During a stage, you’ll be controlling one member of the PAW Patrol while also calling on others when needed to help you clear the way so that you can continue with your mission. You might also at some point change main characters so that you can use its skills to finish the task. The missions will ask you to do things such as saving some ducks that can’t get out of a pond since the water level has lowered too much, saving sheep that are stranded since a bridge has collapsed, or save the bunnies that have wandered onto the train bridge.


There are 200 pup treats to collect in every stage that you, and collecting all in a level will get you a special pup treat award at the end. Stages also have five Golden PAW Prints you should collect to unlock an extra surprise, and since they’re rather big and shiny, they are rather hard to miss. Ryder will also let you know when a Golden PAW Print is nearby, so as long as you pay attention to him, you should be good to go.

There is also an in-game achievement system in which you can collect up to sixteen badges for your efforts. You can get a badge for completing one rescue mission, as well as for completing five, ten and all available rescue missions, for obtaining a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Put Treat, for finding all five Golden PAW Prints in a stage, for finding twenty Golden PAW Prints, for using all pups in the PAW Patrol, and more.

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PAW Patrol: On a Roll! is a fun, charming and easy to play action platforming game on Nintendo Switch you should check out. Most of the game will be played from a 2D side view as you run and jump through each area, but some stages will mix things up by introducing a maze to complete from an overhead perspective, or present a flying section to change how you approach a challenge. If you’re a fan of the show or have kids who are, then this is a great option!

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This PAW Patrol: On a Roll! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Outright Games.


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Colorful and charming 2D platformer for kids and those young at heart