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[PS4] Pinball FX3 – Jurassic World Pinball Review

[PS4] Pinball FX3 – Jurassic World Pinball Review

If you’re a fan of dinosaurs and their representation in a particular movie series, then have I got a treat for you today! Come check out our Jurassic World Pinball review!


The Jurassic movie series, which started with Jurassic Park over 25 years ago and which still continues to this day with the recent Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which makes it the perfect time to release a pinball pack for Pinball FX3 based on the franchise! These tables are both for hardcore fans of the movie series as well as for those of you who are fans of Zen Studios’ pinball tables, so get ready to dive in!

In this release are three tables: Jurassic World Pinball, Jurassic Park Pinball, and last, but not least, Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem. So let’s start with the Jurassic Park table as that fit in with the original Jurassic Park movie. You will get to experience Isla Nublar, not to mention playing around the menacing T-Rex which is positioned with a full overview of the entire table.

This one looks great and features many trees, a gated pen of dinosaurs, and more, but not as many lanes and ramps as you’d expect from Zen Studios. There are a few game modes that you can activate in this table like the one with the velociraptors that come out to try and steal your ball, or how about the famous chase from the movie involving a T-Rex can be played through. It’s a nice table but one that, for me, plays things a bit too safe.

Next up is Jurassic World Pinball. The voice acting for this one is much better than in the Jurassic Park table, but the table itself looks a bit plain at first, but it definitely gets it right with the setting and the many dinosaurs from the movie that are active all over the table. There are ramps that alternate a balls trajectory as well as plenty of lanes to hit, not to mention a variety of modes to activate to boost your score.

You’ll get to see the new dinosaur that was created at the Jurassic World theme park in the movie, as well as the velociraptors that Chris Pratt’s character has trained, not to mention the flying dinosaurs and the massive one that jumps out of the pool in the upper left corner of the table. The one complaint I have is that the in-game text in the green box on the right top corner is very difficult to read, which is not ideal.

And then we have the Jurassic Park Mayhem pinball table which, for me, is the best of the bunch. It’s more vibrant as you need to rescue the trapped park worker, so you can imagine how chaotic things are going to be! You have a large graphic in the middle showcasing a big T-Rex, and the parks massive gate is on the upper left part of the screen while the visitor’s center sits on the upper right side.

You’ll get to battle against the T-Rex, witnessing a Stegosaurus tail-smashing windows and more, all fantastically animated to make every element of the table stand out. A helicopter might fly in only to come too close to the T-Rex that is angrily smashing the upper left door, or you’ll need to put out some fires here and there that increase the risk for the workers.

I was not a particular fan of pinball tables, but after getting the chance to review many of them over the years, I have to say that Zen Studios has won me over. Pinball FX3, their latest pinball platform, shows how much the team has improved their craft over the dozens of tables they’ve released. Are you ready to take on the challenge that the Jurassic Park Pinball table pack has to offer?

This Jurassic World Pinball review is based on a PlayStation 4 provided by Zen Studios.


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Very fun pinball pack based on the Jurassic movie series