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[Beyond PlayStation] Spheroids Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Spheroids Review

Spheroids is a fun and colorful action platformer now on Ninetndo Switch. Learn more about it our Spheroids review!


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Spheroids is a retro-style 2D action platformer about an invasion of aliens known as Spheroids. There is only one person capable of stopping the invading creatures and that’s Lucas – he has a job to do and that is to save the world before it is too late! The bulk of the levels are easy to complete, and it’s not until the last set of levels that the difficulty ramps up. The gameplay mechanics are also easy to learn so that you can focus on the action.

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The game has you moving from point A to point B to reach the exit by jumping over various platforms and solving a few minor puzzles to reach the portal at the end of the level. You can destroy the Spheroids that you find in your path as you go, but you don’t need to destroy all of them to complete the level – just kill the ones that get in your way. However there will be occasions where Lucas will have to kill every Spheroid in sight in order to progress since the game will place barriers on both sides of the screen.

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As you progress through the game new gameplay mechanics are added at a steady pace. You will gain abilities such as using the grapple hook, teleporters, being able to defy gravity and more. The new gameplay mechanics being introduced as you go make the game feel fresh as you explore each new level. Spheroids has a generous checkpoint system, so if you die you will simply respawn at the last checkpoint you reached and you won’t end up losing a lot of progress, which is great!


Since there is a nice variety of Spheroids to battle, a scientist named Otto will help you learn more about them by introducing your enemies as needed. You do need to pay attention since some spheroids that you will have to deal with are invincible, and others must be hit multiple times and split into smaller Spheroids for you to take care of them. Green Spheroids have the ability to merge with other Spheroids of the same color, and they felt the most dangerous to me since they could grow big if I didn’t take care of them fast enough.

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The game also has a decent upgrade system. You can destroy red blocks that drop items which includes money, and you can use the money to purchase upgrades. For example, the triple hook costs 250 coins, which does sound like a lot, but it is very effective against the Spheroids, so I do recommend that you save for it since it will make a big difference. You can also purchase better shields, more health and more so that you can customize things a bit.

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Spheroids is only a few hours long, but it’s a fun experience that is a blast to play. The upgrade system will allow you to get the most of your time with the game as you progress through its 32 levels, and the game is perfect for the Nintendo Switch since you can easily play this one at home or on the go in short bursts. Go get it!

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This Spheroids review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Eclipse Games.


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Fun 2D action platformer