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[PS4] Candleman: The Complete Journey Review

[PS4] Candleman: The Complete Journey Review
  • On November 26, 2018

Candleman: The Complete Journey from Spotlightor Interactive and Zodiac Interactive is a different type of platformer now on PS4. Learn more about it in our Candleman: The Complete Journey review!


Candleman is a very interesting type of platformer. You get to control a candle that can only burn for 10 seconds in total, which does not sound like you have much time to complete each of the game’s chapters… right? You’ll need to be clever and make the most of your power so that you can light your path through the darkness as you try to overcome the obstacles placed before you, making the most of the light and dark gameplay mechanic that is placed front row and center.

Controls are very simple since you’ll move your character around with either the left analog stick or the D-Pad, while jumping is set to the X or Circle buttons, whichever one is more comfortable for you to use. You will burn your candle by pressing either the Square or Triangle buttons, or you can also use the R2 button which, granted, does seem like a weird choice at first, but it does work as an alternative so that you can easily access it when you’re jumping from platform to platform.

Candleman: The Complete Journey Review - 1

Each chapter in the game is split into stages, and each stage will have a set number of candles for you to find. Candles will help to light your way, extending how long you can stay alive considering that your ability to light yourself up is both a blessing and a curse. Using it will help you find the path you need to take to make it to the end of the stage, but if you abuse it your body will melt away until you are dead. Along with the regular candles you must lit to find your way, you will run into some chubbier and shorter candles you will find which, along with providing some extra light for you to use, will also act as checkpoints from which you will respawn so that you can carry on if you die.

Stages are, in general, very dark, which means you’ll need to burn up to light your way as you search for candles to light up so that you can carry on and live. Because of this, I suggest you don’t end up holding down the Square button (or the other two buttons you can use) to light up your candle. Instead, just tap them as you go to give you enough light to know where you are and where you should go to. I also noticed that the wax you lose is “shed” on the floor which is handy to use in some of the tricky platforming sections so that I could see where there was some solid ground. The burned wax will also act as sort of a “breadcrumb path” you can quickly follow back to the main path when you’re done looking for candles in the periphery.

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There are some light puzzle elements in this one, asking that you push something here and there to open up a new path for you to take, but the big ones are the doors you will need to open by pressing a set of buttons in the correct order. These are not puzzles where you have to guess the answer since the order for the buttons will be scratched around somewhere in the level for you to find so that you can light yourself up and see what you need to do. The first of these puzzles will be in the fourth level of the first chapter and it’s an easy one to solve since the symbols or the buttons are carved on the door itself.

Even though the game has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy at the end for your troubles, there are only fifteen trophies to unlock before you get that shiny final trophy for your collection. Your first trophy will be awarded to you within a minute of starting the game since it is given for lighting up your first candle. The rest are for lighting all candles in a stage, for completing chapters 1, 2, and 3, for completing chapters 4, 5 and 6, for completing chapters 7, 8 and 9, and for completing chapters 10, 11 and 12 – there are also trophies for lighting up all candles in each of the aforementioned sets, so be sure to look everywhere for all candles! The rest of the trophies are for running out of wax (dying), as well as for story-based objectives I won’t spoil here.

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Candleman: The Complete Journey is a charming and interesting platformer that you should certainly check out on PlayStation 4. It will offer you 3-4 hours of content to play, with an extra hour or two on tops as you do some trophy clean up thanks to its handy chapter select. If you’re looking for a unique type of platformer, then look no further because this one is a gem!

This Candleman: The Complete Journey review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Zodiac Interactive.


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