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  • On November 27, 2018

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a game that, in its name, tells you all you need to know about what it has to offer. Learn more in our ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS review!


If the name didn’t make it absolutely clear, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is all about rockets. For your hectic and fast-paced time with this one, you’ll fly your ship around with the left analog stick, and use your shield with the L or R buttons. Your bomb will be mapped to the Y button, and they will drop from the bottom of your ship. Your mines will be set to the A button, and these are deployed behind of your ship. The B button is for missiles, the deadly flying death vessels, making it a very important button that is key for your survival. Holding down any of the attack buttons will unleash a burst attack that will with clearing the area from any unplanned action. You’ll get to practice all of this before you dive into a proper game against other players.


The game offers three different modes. There’s Bubble where the last team with any bubbles left will be declared as the winner. You have three of these bubbles by default, and any hit with a weapon will make you lose one. There’s also Tug-o-War in which you’ll need to hit your enemies to gain points to hold the lead for the longest time possible. And then we have Zen Mode which, as the name suggests, will allow you to fly around and have fun without any of the pressure of the other gameplay modes. You’ll use this to explore each of the available maps, and nothing more.


You can customize your experience by activating or deactivating things such as friendly fire (which means that you and your friends can receive damage from all attacks), random ships, bubbles (to set the number of health bubbles that will orbit around you as well as their size), ghosts (which allows you to continue to fly around), angry ghosts which allows the ghosts of players who have been defeated to try and get back into the action by being a tad aggressive, and you can change the level of bloom and particle effects for the game, up to some crazy and outrageous levels that will make the game look like a bad dream from mixing meds and booze.


While you can indeed play the game on your own by adding extra AI controlled rockets, with the computer doing a very good job at hunting you down and destroying you at every chance it gets, the real fun for the game comes from getting a full local group of humans for some fun couch multiplayer sessions where everyone will be playing against each other, or taking on things as teams, for some rather hectic and enjoyable runs with lots of colorful attacks and rocket trails filling up the screen.


If you go at it alone, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is going to feel a bit barebones and one-trick since the AI controlled rockets are not going be controlled by actual humans sitting next to you, trash-talking as they try to destroy you. But if you find other humans to join in on the fun, you’re all going to have a good time. Throw in some snacks and some beers/wine, and you’re set for a fun night. It seems that the game will be seeing updates with more content being added as time goes on, so do keep that in mind as well!


This ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Radial Games.


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Fun and hectic multiplayer-focused release